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Ending to Lamb To The Slaughter

Slowly he walked into the kitchen with a look of hunger on his face. Mary saw this and instantly blurted out, please help your self to some of the lamb. It ought to be bought done by now, Jack. He turned and looked back at her, giving here a half suspicious look. Well I don t want it to go to waste she covered. Jack nodded his head side to side partly agreeing with Mrs. Maloney. He turned back around and disappeared into the kitchen. She smiled and complemented here self on her alibi. She could not believe that she was pulling this by a few professional men. The thought made her laugh, a light laugh but too loud.

In came O Malley who had just come from the bedroom holding a slip of paper, and hearing her slight giggle. Did you say something Mrs. Maloney? he asked in a polite way with a stern tone. He knew he had heard a small out burst of a chuckle or some sort, but was not completely positive. Mary began to bawl again, making an astonishing forged crying. She almost started laughing again as the officers around her were giving her ease.

Now the four men began to look at each other, thinking the same thing. Sergeant Noonan gave a pleasant nod to the officers and the other detective signaling to go about their business. Mary looked up at jack. He was studying her eyes, trying to find truth or some other deep meaning. He looked as if he were staring into a bottom less pond of a gray-skied afternoon. She immediately turned away her face so Jack would not take her freedom, her integrity. Jack quickly stood up and swiftly walked away from her towards the kitchen. Had she been too suspicious in her non-willingness of eye contact with jack, or when she turned her head? She knew that Noonan had seen subliminally, something in her soul; she tried so very hard to hide.

Her survival mode kicked in that very moment. Her head began to flow with ideas. What could she do now, could she flee out of the house? But were to go? She could keep up her role? No she said to her self. The men had already gotten too suspicious. What was her next move?

In the kitchen officer O Malley began to show the piece of paper he had found in the bedroom, a letter addressed to Patrick. He held it up and read it. It was intriguing to the four of them; they all had a different idea now. They knew who Molly was and why Patrick Maloney had fallen for her. They had all turned in there heads to Mary. She was now the prime suspect.

The discussion that they had was not comprehendible to Mary, but she was able to understand by the tones of their voices that they were on to her. She got up out of the chair that had the right arm cleverly soaked in tears, and went down to the storage room were her late husband had kept his shotgun. She had tip toed so quietly on the brown rug that lead down the hall as to not disturb the men.

The door made no sound when it shut. Now the sun had gone below the mountains, which made the room ever so dark. She fumbled around for the cotton string in the middle of the room that was attached to the light. Click-click, and the light came on. Her eyes slowly adjusted to the bulbs luminosity. The old winter coats had had given the room a distinct smell of fur and mildew because of the dampness. She turned to the closet door were the gun was. She pulled on the knob and the door did not free itself. She tried again, still the same. Her foot planted against the wall did the trick but sounded a large cracking noise like wood being split by an ax.

Mary? came Jacks familiar voice. She dared not answer now. The gun lay against the wall as if it had been dead. She grabbed for it just as the two Policemen and two detective s charged in, revolvers amid.

Not a word came from ether party for the longest time. The mist of the room rolled across them like waves. Was the gun loaded? She thought to herself. They looked into holes of death as they stood there like pointing statues.

Click came the sound from the shotgun, but to soon. A simultaneous click also sounded itself followed with a flash and a discharge.

They heard nothing. All they saw was a sad widow on a cold cement floor, with no more life.

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