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’ Ideas Essay, Research Paper

Benefits by the Confucius’ Ideas

Modern America would definitely benefit from Confucius’ ideas and

teachings. Their ideas mainly dealt with unity and peace. The Confucius’ were very

wise, for setting principles the community should constantly live by. Their principles

set an order and a moral behavior for people. The Confucius’ expected society to remain

calm, mature, and know right from wrong. Confucius once said “What one does not wish

done to oneself one should not do to others.” These principles were named Jen and Li.

Jen symbolizes kindness or humanity, while Li symbolizes behaving in a proper manner.

Now adays the one thing that society needs most, is order.

Confucius is such an important figure in Chinese society because they had very

strong beliefs and teachings that no one even took the time to think about. Confucius’

importance in the Chinese society was not understated, because they really deserve to be

thought highly of. Their words had a very strong impact on the Chinese society.

Confucius were also wise in way that they thought before taking action in an

event, and being ready for something last minute. This is proved by a quick quote: “be

slow of speech but quick of correct action.”

Confucius had focused on their five key relations: ruler-subject, father-son,

husband-wife, brother-brother, and friend-friend. But what is this? No sisters are

involved with this? Sisters aren’t even related. People in the stated situations are

supposed to act in an appropriate manner. Are girls omitted from the key five relations,

because they are excused from acting in an appropriate manner, or was this just an awful

mistake? Back then, girls were pretty much thought of as just servants to men. It seems

stupid, but girls were not treated as well as women, boys, or men. It kind of brings us

back to the fifties, when you would watch June Cleaver in the kitchen with apron in

tow, cooking dinner, and cleaning up after Wally and the Beaver.

In conclusion, Confucius’ ideas for the most part were very interesting, and had a

great impact on Chinese society. We would improve our complete way of living, if we

followed the wise teachings of the Confucius.

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