Реферат: Interview With An Artist

– Mark Mckee Essay, Research Paper

Interview with an Artist

The artist/illustrator I chose to contact was Mark McKee. He?s an illustrator/designer for World Industries, a skateboard and snowboard company. Some of his work has been very controversial and lawsuits have been filed on several occasions. Specifically for a board with a Winnie the Pooh look-alike and also for a design similar to a L. Ron Hubbard book. But I particularly liked his original work, specifically flame-boy and the smiley devil guy.

Contacting him wasn?t too hard; I found the number for World Industries in a snowboard magazine. When I called I was given a new number, since they changed offices. The secretary put me right through to Mark McKee?s voice mail when I called the new number. I left a message and then realized I may not get a call back. Who wants to call someone to answer questions? So I figured I take a little more initiative and find out when he would be there so I could chat with him. After a second call to the secretary I found out I needed to call back in just about an hour and a half.

I was put right through to Mark McKee on my third call to this number. He said he was more than happy to help me in any way possible. But after a few minutes of my interviewing he asked if “this was for real or was I just *censored*ing with him?” Apparently some friends of his like to play pranks and he thought this was one of them. I explained that this was a silly assignment, but it had to be done so that I could get my degree.

A friend was the one who first got him interested in skateboard graphics, he first worked in the BMX industry after graduating with a design degree from UCLA. He was fortunate enough to not have to do any self-promotion after college and kind of “fell into” the job he has now. His official title is Art Director, according to him that?s what his card says. He over sees five other artists at World Industries that produce skateboard and snowboard graphics. He didn?t want to give any advice, he said “didn?t like doing it” and had nothing more to say about it.

At the end of the interview I thanked him again and he said he hoped he helped me with my project and wished me luck. I forgot to ask if World Industries would be hiring anyone new this May, but I still have the number and will call later in the spring. The number is (714) 847-0011 in case you wondered. The office is located in Huntington Beach, Ca.


telephone interview on 11/30/99 4pm est

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