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Qualities OfGandhi Essay, Research Paper

What Qualities of Gandhi make him a hero of faith?

Ganghi was a great man, the quintessance of a hero of faith. In all religions nowadays Gandhi has attained an almost mythical status for being one of the most loving and good man that most can remember, but there are three certain qualities which allow him to be presented with this mythical “hero of faith” stature, these qualities of Gandhi, which make him a hero of faith are, his courage because he was willing to die in order to bring his country together. His example of what a truly pious man should be, he did this by giving up nearly all his possessions and his urged to his fellow Indians to follow. And his love, his love for all things and how he loved everyone and always tried to bring them together no matter how different they are.

The courage that Gandhi is famous for is best described in the following quote dealing with the time Gandhi went to the aid of the overtaxed pesents in Champaran in 1917.

” One, day, the Mahatma, in the course of his investigations was riding to the village on an elephant, when a policeman overtook him and drove him back to town. There Gandhi was served with an official notice to quit Champaran immediately. He signed the order but wrote on the back that he would disobey it. He was accordingly summoned the next day.”

Ficher here describes the courage Gandhi had to intentionally disobey a law. Most people when asked to do something by the police normally do it, but Gandhi would not, he had enough courage to stand up to the establishment and fight for what he believed in was right even though he knew there would be consequences for his actions. When he was taken to trial Gandhi pleaded guilty and told the court ” not for want of respect for lawful authority, but in obedience to a higher law of our being, the voice of conscience.” Gandhi was later released and the British gave back 25% of the land tax to the Indians. Another time he showed his courage was with his fasts. Gandhi fasted quite a bit and was able to get a few things in India changed as a result, for one the standing of untouchables through his epic fast. The important thing is that Gandhi was willing to die for his people in order to bring them together. This takes an enormous amount of strength and courage to do that. Most people wouldn?t go without eating for 3 weeks for a cause that might very well fail, so it must take an enormas amount of courage to do that.

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