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Does God Esists Essay, Research Paper

DOES GOD ESISTSDescription of this essay: PHILISOPY PAPERAquinas second proof that God exists, the proof from efficient cause, is summarized in the following: there exists things that are caused, nothing can be the cause of itself, there cannot be an infinite regress of causes, there fore, God exists. The proof of Aquinas s is a cosmological kind, basing the fact the if anything exist; an absolute necessary being must also exist. I agree with Aquinas that God is the uncaused first cause, but from a situation that was discussed in class a few weeks ago, it forced me that have some doubts whether God was the uncaused first cause. In a laboratory, scientists constructed a vacuum chamber where inside of its empty space, not even containing any atoms, photons, or other kinds of particles. A computer is used as a camera to allow the scientists to view the chamber at an advanced level so that they can know what is in the chamber, no matter how small it may be. The scientists use this machine to find out what a particular in the exact center of the chamber. Each end of a tube is connected to each side of the chamber. Next, they insert another particle in the tube, causing it to move at a speed so fast that it enters the chamber, directly crashing into the particle. This causes the targeted particle to split into its sub-particles. The computer can identify all the particles that were in the chamber and record all the travel paths made before and after the crash. After the experiment, the scientists made the inside of the chamber back into being empty. When they left the laboratory though, they forgot to shut down the inventory. The next day, they from the computer that new particles had formed in the chambers from no where. They also discovered that some particles appeared in the chamber for a little while and then disappeared into nothingness. The scientists had just realized that they proved that something can come from nothing. Stephen Hawking s, -A Brief History of Time, can explain what had just occurred. The uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics allowed the amount of energy in the universe to fluctuate about a fixed total for brief periods of time. The larger the fluctuations are called virtual particles, and annihilate when energy must be paid back. The vacuum story surprised me a bit much because it may prove that God was not the uncaused first cause, that it might have been matter that created God. If it is true that something did come from nothing, then evolution may be true after all. According to this theory, the world was first a cosmic egg that exploded into the universe that we are living on at this exact moment. Gases from the explosion decided to join together to form planets. On one of these planets, a group of atoms, decided to make the first organic molecule, which became life as we know it, through natural selection.

As I thought about the vacuum chamber situation more thoroughly, I realized that maybe something did not come from nothing, that maybe these mysterious particles were inside the vacuum chamber all along. No matter how airtight the vacuum chamber s barrier, allowing themselves to enter inside that chamber. Maybe the particles that make up the vacuum chamber decided to escape and wander off into the inside space of the chamber. The computer though, should, should be able to detect any travel paths that showed if the particles either entered the chamber or detached themselves from the chamber. But no matter how advanced the computer may be, the particles were probably very, very small that not even the computer can be able to detect them, nor trace their path. Due to time, the particles probably grew in size and became big enough for the computer to detect their presence, making it seem like they popped into existence. It could be that some particles became weak as time passed by, causing them to shrink at a size where the computer cannot detect them anymore, making it seem like they popped out of existence. It can be that when the particle was split into sub-particles, some of the sub-particles may have been too small for the computer to detect. When the chamber was emptying, the sub-particles smallness allowed them to stay in the chamber. Later on, the sub-particles might have decided to join together, becoming bigger that the company was able to detect them when they became a combined unit. A final reason could be that the scientists might have forgotten to empty out the chamber, assuming that they did, just like they assumed that they shut down the laboratory before they left.Even is something did come from nothing, I still believe that God is still the uncaused first caused. He probably gave those particles the purpose of existing out of nothingness in order to create what is created right now. For example, what causes electrically charged particles to continue emitting and re-absorbing virtual particles, exchanging them with other charge particles? Did they just decided to act, no because God gave them those purposes. I do not think that two hydrogen s and one oxygen can join on their own to form water without God giving them their properties first. He was probably the one who caused the cosmic egg to blow up into the universe that we are living on at this exact moment. God probably caused the gases from the explosion to join together, forming the planets and on one of those planets, he caused the group of atoms to make the first organic molecule, which became life as we know it, though his selection. God is able to do this, since. he is all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-loving. He should be considered the uncaused first cause, placing matter as the first infinite regress of causes. God probably created matter to be like an automatic machine, constantly making life as we know it.

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