Реферат: Physical Ed Curriculum Is Important In Elementary

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I believe that Elementary School physical education is an essential curriculum for the development of all children. Early physical education classes provide children with a medium for progression from the random play stage to the eventual organized game and eventual structured learning. Throughout this process, children learn the value of group dynamics. Values such as sharing, team play, communication and respect for others become common practice.

Apart from group development, physical education at an early age can also dramatically help children succeed in the classroom environment. All children learn at different rates. Learning new ideas and developing them require time and much practice before reaching some success. Most children at some point during this period will struggle. Physical education at this age can provide children with the opportunity to success and be a sort of mental recess. Games and Play can be developed so that kids can associate learning with activity. Since kids enjoy games and play and can easily succeed in this medium, physical activity therefore confidence bumper that will last forever in every child. Success in play can be carried over into the classroom and in future life endeavors. Physical education for children is also very important in the development of their bodies. During this early period in tier lives, children can develop poor eating habits that make physical play difficult to participate in, eventually weaning children away from physical activity participation. It is therefore important to keep kids involved in physical participation, teaching them the values of participation thereby setting the foundation for physical participation for the rest of their life. Apart from the physical rewards of physical education, children can also expand their creative minds in physical play. Through play, children are free to be as creative as they so wish. Experimentation of the mind and body is a regular occurrence in playgrounds as kids adapts games and develop new challenges for their minds and body. Playgrounds are transformed into foreign lands to explore, fields become stadiums backyard rinks become professional hockey coliseums where legends are made and anyone can be score the winning goal, race to victory and save the world in less than an hours time. These are just some of the values that early physical education can provide to a developing child. The importance of these values as developed through physical education I feel will dictate the levels of personal success any individual will have in their life.

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