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Clunker Laws Essay, Research Paper


I Bet that most all of you like classic cars. I mean, what’s not to like. If it’s not the rumble of a big block underfoot, then it’s the feel of the wind in your hair when you drive your restored 1971 Plymouth Cuda Convertible. It’s manly, it’s American, it’s just plain cool to be seen in any of the muscle car era vehicles. Everyone has had an older car. If you’re not driving it because it’s cool, then you’re driving it because it’s the only thing you can afford. No matter why you’re driving an older car doesn’t matter, It’s your right as an American to own and drive whatever type of car you please.

But for how long??? If the powerful EPA bureaucracy, Industrial factories, and Vice President Al Gore have their way, then many of us will be forced into the purchase of newer, less-polluting vehicles, many of which we cannot afford.

On June 2, 1995, Governor Whitman of New Jersey signed legislation #SCS-1700. It is NOW LAW, and is fully implemented against all New Jersey car and truck owners.

Briefly, SCS-1700 states the following:

All motor vehicles over four years old will be required to report to new CENTRALIZED TESTING FACILITIES for “ENHANCED EMISSIONS

INSPECTIONS” If your car or truck fails this test-the vehicle MUST be taken off the road. Only three percent of those vehicles failing the test and having already spent a minimum of $450 for repairs will be granted a waiver allowing them to remain on the road for two more years. You have no appeal and no other options.

Motor vehicle inspections cost $24. The I/M ENHANCED EMISSIONS TEST, in which an operator “drives” your car through a simulated dynamometer road test, is DESIGNED TO FAIL 60% OF ALL CARS, this according to the EPA. Almost no vehicles over 10 years old are expected to pass. You have no protection against damage or the destruction of your vehicle by such stress testing methods. 97% of those vehicles failing the new enhanced emissions test have their registration renewal automatically denied by the state. Such vehicles cannot be sold to any other individual or dealer and essentially become FORFEITED TO THE STATE… which will receive “pollution credits” they can sell to industrial polluters for every vehicle they take off the road. Owners of failed vehicles must surrender their license plates within 45 days…and since NJ law already prohibits you from having an unregistered vehicle on your own property, local law enforcement can then seize it at will. Assisting it in this effort, NJ DEP recently revised the state’s definition of “quasi public” to include “ALL RESIDENTIAL DRIVEWAYS AND PARKING LOTS” – Yes, you’ve also lost your private property rights!

Repairs can only be attempted by a STATE CERTIFIED REPAIR FACILITY…to which you have no say about work quality or cost. You can no longer legally perform emissions related repairs yourself, nor can you take it to your trusted mechanic (unless they first receive state certification and invest $100,000 in equipment).

As part of SCS-1700, roadblocks will be established throughout the state to randomly test a percentage of all vehicles. Automated sensing devices will be installed along New Jersey highways to monitor your vehicle’s emissions as you drive by. Violators of the new emission standards will have their license plates PHOTOGRAPHED; thus enabling the state to issue summonses through the mail. Severe penalties, fines, and jail time have been attached to all violations of this new legislation. In fact, the state will begin kicking back a commission to local police for their help in seizing your car!

Remember, SCS-1700 is aimed at TAKING YOUR CAR OFF THE ROAD! It is aimed at producing one car families. Collector, hot rod, and hobbyist cars are history. A spare car for local trips, a teenage driver, student, or the commuter park and ride is history. That classic Mustang convertible has been redefined as a “gross polluter” and is now targeted by the state for the crusher. Many car and truck related businesses will suffer or fail. Ironically, state officials are recommending you start saving your money now to buy a new car – an impossibility for most individuals given our current local tax burden of around 50%.

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