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Time Traveler Essay, Research Paper

There are three working theories the ?Time Traveler? developed upon his

visit to the distant future. The first is the laziness of what human-kind has

become. The second is the division between the classes, below ground and above

it. The third is based on how human evolution had gone back to its starting

point. The glorification of technology is not the answer to the ?utopian?

life we all seek. The first theory of the ?laziness? of human-kind is

unfolding today. We grow more and more dependant upon machines to feed, clothe,

bathe, groom, cure, and entertain our needs. We think we are in a

?technologically superior? times, but if one takes away electricity, we are

back in the dark ages. The people of the year 802,700 lack any sense of drive or

motivation due to not having any problems at all. The ?Eloi? play everyday

without a care in the world. The only element in their world that is problematic

is the ?darkness? the harbors the evil ?Morlocks.? The second theory

about the future is of the division of the classes. He believes that in the

future the people of the earth separated into ?below ground? and ?above

ground? states of living. The working class lived deep inside the earth much

like in the movie ?Metropolis,? while the owners lived above ground free to

live life to its fullest. It is from this working hypothesis that the future

developed this way, thus labeling the ?Morlocks? as ?working class? and

the ?Eloi? as the ?owners?.. Thousands of years of a divided society

could conceivably result from this. The final theory is how evolution has come

back upon itself. The ?Morlocks? ate the ?Eloi?.. The ?Time Traveler?

saw how humans grew lazy from having no challenges/problems. At some point,

there probably was a time when the classes went below and above ground, but they

all grew so dependant upon the machines to take care of their world that

commerce and politics became obsolete. Then when the machines could not feed

them(Morlocks) anymore, they turned to what is most primal in all of us, the

means to survive via eating whatever(Eloi) is around. In a way, corporations

devour or prey upon the weak whether it be through Marketing or Sales.

Corporations survive off of peoples money, and they will get it from normal

trade or scamming people who seem venerable like ?Senior Citizens?.. The

future seems to be bleak through the eyes of the ?Time Traveler?.. The world

is shaped by the fallen ruins of what seems to be a great utopian society. The

irony is that once people are left with no work and no problems, they become

lifeless and weak. They also take it another step to cannibalism when their

mighty machines cannot do all the work for them. It is apparent that the world

we live in is guided and measured by how our technology advances us. Technology

is not an evil thing. It helps us cure new diseases, etc. Our development should

not follow the theory of letting our technology surpass our humanity, but

allowing our humanity to surpass our technology.

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