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The Believer Essay, Research Paper

?Take me to your leader?, Jireehove or, as his friends called him, Jig said to the chief gate-guard. It was a tall and gorilla-like creature with blood-red eyes peering at him with disgust from behind the helm decorated with bones. For a few moments the guard hesitated, estimating the danger the lonely traveler could bring, and then he shouted right in Jig`s face the words in a terrible accent that identified his nature? a goblin.

?Elfish scum! I will take you to my leader! Khran kazzum!?, after the last command a group of guards rushed out of the shadows, surrounding the traveler. He had not need to turn around to see that if he will try to resist, he will be simply outnumbered so he waited for his arrest and the following justice. He began to wonder what would he do to this fat moron when the emperor himself will set him free but his thoughts were disturbed by something hard hitting his head from behind. The force of the blow was so great that he was sent flying and before he fainted, he saw the guards coming towards him with their blades drawn and the chief guard shouting at them.

When his senses returned to him, he felt a terrible pain at the back of his head and unwillingly he gave a weak moan. With the weak hands he tried to examine his head and found a lot of dry blood and that his hands were chained. Frowning, he opened his eyes with a terrible effort of will and found a goblin`s face just in front of his nose watching him carefully. Then the large mouth opened and produced a voice that made his pain stronger, almost strong enough to make him faint again.

?Gourk, this elf has woken up, what shall I do??, he said without turning his head to the orc behind him…

?Give him some medicine and then shut his mouth. My head already hurts from their whines?, the orc replied and left the chamber. Only now did Jig noticed that the room was filled with bodies of other prisoners, some of who were already dead. The fact that they were going to heal him revived his hope that had almost died on the sight of his ?apartments?.. The fact that they cared about him meant that his majesty knew about him and?

His thoughts were disturbed by the goblin`s hand which pressed on his jaw making him open his mouth. As soon as he opened it, a flask was put in letting its contents flow slowly into his throat. Jig tried to break free and take his mouth off the flask but he was too weak to resist and the liquid continued its way to his stomach. As soon as flask was empty, the goblin replaced the flask with a dirty cloth he had just torn off the corpse`s clothes. Jig tried to spit it out of his mouth but failed and could do nothing but stare at the goblin.

?Don`t be afraid, it will all end soon. You will be executed before the evening so just relax?, the goblin laughed. Jig didn`t believe him. The spies such as him were too valuable to be wasted. Of course it was nothing but politics. And if he wasn`t recognized, he will just shout his name out before the execution? But he never had a chance, because the guards forgot to take the dirty cloth from his mouth.

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