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Dirt Bikes Versus Street Bikes Essay, Research Paper

Comparison between Dirt bikes and Street bikes

Most people believe street bikes are very similar to dirt bikes. I am here however

to clear up that false conclusion. One major factor is even in the name. Dirt bikes are for

off road uses only were as street bikes are only for use on asphalt or streets.

Street bikes, such as Honda CBR600, are extremely fast. There engine size is

fairly small by street bike standards, but this size is made up for in the lack of weight

increasing its horsepower and acceleration. Street bikes are more valued for lightweight

and quick acceleration rather than suspension so much. Not to say that suspension is not

important, but there is not as much focus on that besides braking, weight, and power.

Dirt bikes, such as say a KX250, are not very durable. These types of bikes are

designed to take a lot of abuse. This abuse of the bike either comes from landing off a

jump or in dealing with rugged terrain. The focus in racing dirt bikes is suspension setup

and weather if you have enough power to clear jumps. Weight is very important in dirt

bikes as well, this of course the lighter you are the faster you have to go with less power.

Both of these bikes have similar characteristics, but there are some very distinct

differences. Street bikes tend to have more than one cylinder, were as dirt bikes only have

one cylinder. Street bikes are faster in a straight line of course, but if the race were to go

off road the roles would be reversed. Dirt bikes have more technology focused on

suspension since that is what keeps the riders on these bikes and not falling off on every


These bikes are very enjoyable more of an adrenalin rush for people, but this is

better than shooting up drugs for a rush. People think both are dangerous, they may be

right, but there is no feeling like being in total control of a fine piece of powerful


These bikes are the same in a lot of areas in materials. However, the look and feel

of the bikes is very different. Dirt bikes have knobbed tires so they can get traction on the

dirt. Street bikes have a smooth surfaced tire so the rubber can make as much contact

with the ground as possible.

The look for these bikes are very different street bike are more arrow dynamic

were dirt bikes are designed to just be rugged with some stream lined affects. Streets are

prettier to look at, but in my opinion dirt bikes are a little more fun.

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