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Huckleberry Finn Essay, Research Paper

Main Character

Chapter 1

Huck reminds the readers that he has already appeared in a book about Tom Sawyer called The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. He lives with Miss Watson. Huck is disgusted with his home life.

Chapter 2

Huck joins Tom Sawyer in the garden and finds Jim, Miss Watson?s slave. Tom and Huck meet some other boys and Tom wants to organize a band of robbers. They plan to kidnap people and hold them for ransom.

Chapter 3

The town finds a drowned body and people think that it is Huck?s father, but it isn?t. For about a month the boys play robbers until Huck and all the other boys resign. Huck tests the theories of genies by getting a old lamp and rubs it for hours. Nothing happens so Huck loses faith in it.

Chapter 4

For 3 or 4 months Huck attends school and learns how to read and write. Huck sells all his money to Judge Thacher. He goes to Jim to get his fortune told.

Chapter 5

Huck?s father comes and yells at Huck for trying to get an education and wearing nice clothes. Huck gives a dollar to his dad, but he goes out and gets drunk.

Chapter 6

Huck is determined to continue with his schooling. Huck?s father kidnaps him and takes him across the river to a cabin in the woods where he keeps Huck locked up every time he leaves. His father beats him quiet frequently. Huck decides he has to find some way to escape.

Chapter 7

Huck discovers a canoe which he hides in the underbrush. Huck shoots a wild pig. Scatters the pigs blood everywhere. Pulls out his hair and sticks it on the back of a bloody ax. Giving the impression that he has been murdered. In the canoe Huck heads across the river for Jackson?s Island.

Chapter 8

Huck is alone on the island for 3 days and begins to get lonesome. Jim appears and is frightened by Huck?s ?Ghost.?

Chapter 9

Jim and Huck more their supplies to a cavern at the top of the hill on Jackson?s Island on the river they find a large raft one night and they see a 2 story frame house floated by. They climb aboard to see if they can find useful items. They discover a dead man. Frightened Jim and Huck go back to the island.

Chapter 10

Huck plays a practical joke on Jim. He kills a rattlesnake and puts it on the end of Jim?s bed. Th snakes mate bites Jim. Jim becomes sick for four days. Huck dresses like a girl and goes into town.

Chapter 11

Huck identifies himself as Sarah Williams. He learns the gossip and rumors about the disappearance of Huck and Jim. He talks to a lady who is new in the town. Huck leaves town and goes back to Jackson?s Island. They leave the island on their raft.

Chapter 12

Huck tells Jim about the conversation with the lady. For five nights Jim and Huck travel down the river. They encounter a big storm and board a wrecked steamboat. On the steamboat they encounter two robbers. Jake and Packard and Bill who are about to murder Jim Turner.

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