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Interview With The Vampire Report Essay, Research Paper

Interview With the Vampire is the story of Louis, a Louisiana plantation owner

who was unwillingly changed into a vampire, as told by himself to a curious news

reporter. Lestat, the vampire who created Louis, used to manage his money. Lestat

refused to tell Louis about other vampires or the extent of his powers. By doing this

Lestat was able to prevent Louis from breaking away from him and going off on his own.

Louis does not like killing humans, but Lestat continually pushes him to do so.

One night Louis comes across a young girl named Claudia who he cannot resist biting.

Lestat stops Louis before he kills Claudia and changes her into a vampire. Louis hates

Lestat for taking away the young girl?s mortal life and threatens to leave. Lestat then

convinces Louis that he must stay in order to help raise Claudia. Since Louis does not

want to see Claudia end up as ruthless as Lestat he remains to help take care of the young


Ultimately, Claudia learns that it was Lestat who made her into a vampire and she

resents him for trapping her in a child?s body eternity, as well as his refusal to tell her

about other vampires. Claudia attempts to kill Lestat twice so she and Louis can leave

him, and find other vampires in the world. The two head to Europe because that is where

they originated in myths.

In Europe Louis and Claudia find a group of vampire who are led by the oldest

living vampire, at least to his knowledge, Armond. Eventually Armond grows to love

Louis and has Claudia killed, because he is jealous of all the attention she gets from Louis

and because she tried to kill Lestat. Louis does not know that Armond is responsible for

Claudia?s demise and returns to Louisiana with Armond to learn more about his powers.

After Armond tells Louis that he was responsible for Claudia?s death Armond leaves him

and Louis runs into Lestat, who is know old and afraid to leave the house. After hearing

the story the interviewer says he wants to become a vampire but Louis does not change

him. The interviewer then sets off in search of Lestat.

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