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Go Devils Essay, Research Paper

On September 21, 1996, I attended one of the most amazing performances I have ever dreamed of. It was

not a movie, play, opera, or a concert it was a collegiate football game. Number ten in the nation, Arizona State

hosted top-ranked and two time defending champion the Nebraska Cornhuskers. It was such a stellar event

because of the play of Jake Plummer, the Arizona State defense, and the actions of the crowd.

Jake ?The Snake? Plummer is the Arizona State Sun Devils quarterback. Jake finished third in the

Heisman Trophy, and was by far one of the most exciting players to watch in college football. On this warm

Saturday night Jake Plummer was magnificent. Early in the game Plummer was hit hard for a big sack. The next

play Jake dropped back and saw Nebraska?s All-American defensive end Grant Wistrom coming right at him.

?The Snake? ducked under Wistrom, slithered to his left and found his favorite receiver, Keith Poole all alone in

the endzone. Plummer to Poole was the only touchdown in the game. The whole night Plummer was scrambling

around and picking on the awesome Cornhusker defense.

Arizona State pulled one of the biggest shockers of the decade because the defense had an historic night.

I remember how tough and quick the Sun Devil defense was attacking the opponents not allowing them to get on

the scoreboard. Mitchell ?Fright Night? Freedman the safety and defensive captain had a heroic night. With his

right hand broken in a cast, from the pervious game, it did not phase this defensive play maker. Freedman forced

three fumbles, recovered one and had three tackles. The icing on the cake was early in the forth period of play.

Nebraska?s All-American tailback did a slant pattern across the middle and jumped trying to make an unbelievable

catch. ?Fright Night? got in his path lowered his shoulder and decleated the Cornhusker, putting him on the

injured list. Arizona States defense recorded a school record three safeties and held the awesome offensive of

Nebraska to a miserable 226 total yards.

Arizona State went into this game with nothing to lose. They were a three touchdown underdog and the

Devils knew that the twelfth man, crowd, would be a big factor. 74,089 maroon and gold fans all pitched in to do

what was necessary. The crowd caused Nebraska offside penalties one after another because they were so loud

when Nebraska would try to hike the ball. The crowd stayed at this upset for sixty exciting minutes. When the

game ended the fans stormed the field congratulating the victorious Sun Devils. The crowd then removed the goal

post and carried them for a couple miles. The next day Jake Plummer thanked all the Sun Devil fans for the

support during the Saturday night victory.

This sporting event really was spectacular. I?m so glad I attended this game and remained a Sun Devil

fan. When everybody charged the field I went down as well and grabbed myself a chunk of grass to remember this

performance. I have attended a lot of events but this Arizona State 19-0 victory over Nebraska was by far the most


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