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Sophie?S Heart Essay, Research Paper

Sophie’s Heart

This novel is excellent and extremely well written. It follows the life of Sophie, a Czechoslovakian woman who immigrates to America. Sophie was a translator for the Czech Government and is fluent in German, Italian, Russian and Polish. Unfortunately, Sophie was not fluent in English. When Sophie comes to America she has huge difficulties in finding a job. After 9 months in America she meets Janet Ring at a local church. Janet and her family then slowly get to know Sophie and realize that Sophie is not happy working in a restaurant or happy living in Chicago. She realizes what a special person Sophie is, Sophie is a strong person who does not allow others to take advantage of her. Yet she has a tender heart and is able to share it with others. God then lays a solution for her brother on her heart. She approaches Alec about hiring Sophie as their housekeeper. There is reluctance on his side, yet he does not want his children burdened any more. He agrees to take Sophie on a trial period. Sophie wants to get out of the city and the restaurant. She loves children and jumps at the opportunity Janet offers her. When she meets the Riley family she realizes that God can use her there to help this hurting family. She has not desire to replace Vanessa Riley, but would like to help them as they adjust.

Sophie moves into the apartment above the garage. She works every morning till late at night. Alec works lots and rarely gets to come home and eat with his family. The children miss their father but get used to his absence. Craig is reluctant to get even remotely close to Sophie. He is afraid that she is trying to take place of his mother. He also worried that if he gets close he will forget his mother. Tory the youngest is very attached to Sophie. She teaches Sophie the American ways. Introduces her to “The Price is Right” and other popular American TV shows. Rita, the eldest of the three is there helping Sophie with anything she needs to feel comfortable. She takes Sophie grocery shopping, as Sophie doesn’t drive. Rita also takes Sophie clothing shopping to help her with her style.

Sophie does not want to be an inconvenience and is extremely polite. Sophie wakes up two hours early on Sundays to walk to church because she couldn’t dare ask the Riley family for a ride. When the find this out they feel horrible and insist she doesn’t walk. By this time Sophie has made her first friend who lives not far away. Sophie gets rides with her and has Sunday lunch with her. Sophie also meets a male friend whom she begins to date. He is a driving instructor and although things don’t work out with them romantically they stay friends and he teaches her to drive.

Sophie has now become more independent. She has also discovered from her grandmother who she writes to back in Czechoslovakia that she has feelings for Mr. Riley. Mr. Riley shares these feeling and they kiss. Things get awkward when Craig catches them and believes Sophie really is there to take his mom’s place. Sophie decides it is time to move out and work more proper hours. It isn’t long after Sophie moves out that things get better. Mr. Riley talks with his children about the feelings that him and Sophie share. After a little talking and so major understanding the kids begin to really like the idea. Mr. Riley invites Sophie back in the home and they marry.

This book deals well with the grief faced by a family who has lost a mother or father. It is not easy for children to loose a parent, but this book shows how the pain can be dealt with and how the pain lessens over time. I especially recommend this novel to people who have a close friend who has lost a parent as it gives the three children’s perspectives on this very clearly. This book also shows the feelings of an immigrant, who is highly intelligent, but due to her lack of English is treated like a lesser human being. This book also highlights the fact that we should give people a go and if they don’t speak English, we should help them learn.

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