Реферат: The Power Of Knowledge Essay Research Paper

The Power Of Knowledge Essay, Research Paper

A person?s feeling can be depicted by the

way he or she draws their pictures.

Superiority and inferiority can be shown by

the way the artist makes a person or ship

larger or smaller than another person or

ship. This is shown in the Spanish picture

where the French ships are on the coast of

America. The French ships are small and the

Native Americans appear to be larger. In

another picture it shows a tribe of Native

Americans gathered around each other in a


The first picture shows the Spaniards belief

that the French are inferior to the Native

Americans and themselves. They depict this

by drawing the Native Americans much

larger than the French people and even their

ships. The power of the Spaniards is proven

when they combine forces with the Native

Americans to annihilate the French in


The Europeans believed power was about

conquering people. They conquered people

in the name of God and Christianity. If they

could not convert them they would destroy

them. Their only knowledge was of God and

what he wanted them to do.

The Native Americans believed power was

in the tribe. The picture of the Native

Americans showed how they all come

together. They thought a close ?knit society

was the best way of life. They created

villages where people lived close to each

other. They had a number of different

occupational groups in their society. The

Native Americans knew how to use the land

far better than the Europeans. The Native?s

farmland was located around the village.

That also showed the how tight their bonds

were. Because they all worked together on

the farm and all took home some of the


On the other hand, the Europeans tended to

keep a distance from each other. They had

no sense of community. They did this

because they wanted more land to farm. The

more land they farmed the more money they

could make. The Europeans had no real

idea of who their neighbors were they lived

in isolation. The main difference is the

Europeans were all about themselves,

where the Native Americans were all about


I believe this is more about power than it is factual. I think if the

Spaniards wanted to change history they could because they had

the power. One nobody really knew what was going on in the New

World so they could lie about it. The second thing is who can stop

them. At that time Spain was a major world power, so they could

do whatever they wanted

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