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Mixed Signals Essay, Research Paper

Mixed Signals

Communication is a vital part of a relationship, and without it, all can be lost. Men and women do not always understand each other especially when they have become involved in a dating relationship. This gap in communication can cause confrontation and disagreements between men and women. One situation where men and women could misunderstand each other is when they first meet. A guy will usually approach a girl at a party after she has sent him some sort of signal suggesting she is interested in him. These signals can range from a flirtatious look to wearing provocative clothing. Anything that leads a guy to believe a girl is interested in him can be seen as a signal. These signals can be very controversial in meaning when all the girl wants is to meet the guy, but the guy takes the signals as meaning the girl wants to get close in a sexual way. Women can sometimes be misleading when sending these sexual signals to a guy, but these signals should never be an excuse for date rape.

If a woman says no to a guy, it does not matter what kind of signals she is sending, the guy should back off. In some cases of date rape, men will sometimes claim that the girl wanted it, but if a woman says no even once, it is the responsibility of the man to stop. Since men over power women most of the time, women cannot physically reject the man so her words are all that she has. A guy should listen to what a woman is saying when leading to intercourse so it does not lead to something a woman does not want or even date rape. Sex should not be forced. When a woman says no to a man, it does not matter what he though she was asking for, the man should respect the woman s wishes and stop.

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When a woman sends a signal to a guy, he should not assume that sex is what she wants. A girl may only want to get to know the guy. Many girls go to parties to make friends, and one way to meet guys is to send them signals. A guy should see these signals as only signals. They

are not the direct words out of a girl s mouth saying she is ready to sleep with a guy. Signals between men and women can mean many different things, and since these signals never have a direct meaning, they should never be blamed for date rape.

The desire for sex is never misunderstood, a woman wants it or she doesn t. Mixed signals could never go so far for a guy to misunderstand a woman s desire for sex. It is possible for a man to over-estimate a woman s desires, but most women are quick to clarify the limits. If a man oversteps those limits, he has not misunderstood the woman s signals but has directly violated the woman s wishes. Date rape is a serious crime and is direct disobedience to want a woman wants. Mixed signals could never go so far that a man could claim that the sexual intercourse was a big misunderstanding.

Men and women will probably continue to have misunderstandings all through time because of communication problems. If men and women were upfront with what they wanted, maybe there would be less confusion. But then the fear of rejection comes about and then all there is to rely on are these sexual signals. Women should watch what they are leading to with their signals, and men should never assume they know what a woman wants. No matter what the case may be, a guy should never blame date rape on a woman because she sent him the wrong signals.

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