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Juveniles Essay, Research Paper

“Getting tough on juveniles” may be one approach to attempting to correct the increase in delinquent behavior in juveniles, but I believe the best way to correct is through prevention. I feel if a child is properly reared and taught right from wrong from the beginning, then he or she will make the correct decision when a delinquent opportunity arises. There are numerous characteristics that parents must bestow on a child to ensure the child that they are loved and cared for growing up in life. Examples of these characteristics are warmth, low criticism, basic trust, support, clear rules, and discipline. Parents must expect success from their children and make sure that the child understands that they themselves have responsibilities. By having these characteristics in a child’s life, the child will know that they are wanted and not want to stray away from their family into delinquent behavior.

A child’s education is another important factor in the prevention of juvenile delinquency. When attending school a child is prone to encounter teasing and taunting from other peers. In many recent cases, juveniles have stated the reasoning behind their delinquent acts was because of being made fun of in school. It is important that the staff is nurturing and sets a good example for the children they come in counter with. Also, the staff needs to expect success and challenge each student to achieve the highest level. Setting high goals for the students and encouraging them to achieve to the highest level will increase their self-esteem and put courage in them to be the best student. Also, encouraging students to participate in after school activities will not only better their bodies, but also keep them off the street after school. By being a good student, a child will less likely commit delinquent acts in fear of damaging their school grades and activities.

In conclusion, I feel that instead of focusing on harsher punishments for juveniles, we need to work on prevention. Beginning at birth and rearing a child correctly with love and support will increase a child’s self-esteem and help them better understand the difference between right and wrong. In addition, a child’s education will enable them to know what choices to make in life, choices that can change their life in an instant.

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