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Internet, A World Of Its Own Essay, Research Paper

The Internet, a World of its Own

Thinking about the internet reminds me of something that was said in my history class. My professor was lecturing about the early colonies in America and how the men of that time had to sail up and down coasts in order to make maps. They had to actually draw these landscapes as they saw them. This process would sometimes take years to accomplish. I realized that the technology our ancestors used could today be accomplished in seconds versus years. I have access, at the touch of a button, to maps from satellites miles above the earth. I can go shopping without ever moving my legs and communicate with friends and family all over the world, which was once nearly impossible. What an advantage I have over my ancestors, to have information I seek right at the click of a button.

To start off with, the internet helps with my extremely lacking sense of direction. Living in the outskirts of Atlanta, new roads and additions to old roads are constantly being made. It is nearly impossible for me to keep up with the growing areas. For instance, I once wanted to take a few of my friends, from out of town, to Stone Mountain for the laser show. I nonchalantly looked over the map and felt confident enough to find my way. Little did I know that the map was five years old and almost every exit number had been altered. I not only got my friends and I there too late to see the show but also got us lost going home on interstate 285. We circled Atlanta two times before finally finding the right exit to take us home. I now have learned from that bewildering experience that the internet can be a major use to me, or anyone who needs up to date directions to go somewhere. One web site that I frequently visit now is Travelocity.com. This site has ultimately saved me from any more off course driving. The directions in this site are easy to understand and not at all misleading. Roswell is a city that I really have trouble with in this area, every building looks the same and all the roads sound the same. If it weren’t for the directions that I received in Travelocity.com I would have never made it to pick up my prom dress last year.

With school and work filling most of my schedule anything that saves me time is a lifesaver. Therefore I shop on the internet as much as possible. For instance, when I was in high school, I hated having to drive to a book store to acquire my summer reading books. I once spent a whole day searching for one book at several different book stores all over town and the town next to mine; only to find out that almost every kid in my grade, and at every school in the surrounding counties was buying and looking for the same books. All of us were buying out and harassing the clerks for theses books at stores such as Barnes and Nobles, local bookstores such as Jillian’s Books, and Walden Books. What a waste of time! There is so much merchandise, like my books, that can be purchased over the internet. E-Bay is also a place where everyday people buy and sell personal items and equipment. My brother, Ben, loves E-Bay because this is where he finds accessories to his 1972 master craft boat which he is re-building. E-Bay has introduced him to a whole new world of shopping. With out it he would still be searching for the limited items that he has purchased for his prize possession. This site is a great place to go for just about anything. It can be a bargain shoppers dream and give a shopper with no time a sense of relief.

How about saving some money? The internet can be a great alternative to expensive cell phone calls and home calling plans. I know that I take advantage of that alternative plan as much as I can. It is hard to stay in touch with friends and family that live far away. I know first hand, because one of my best friends, Veronica, lives in Frankfurt, Germany. Obviously, when we want to talk, flying back and forth is out of the question. Telephone calls that last up to an hour can cost up to $100, I know this because I have had to pay a bill or two like that one. Letters through the postal service can sometimes take about a week to be received, and by that time I need to tell her something else important. Our only option to save money and time is the internet. All I have to do is type a letter in my personal e-mail and push the send button. She receives my letter in a matter of seconds. Personal e-mail is something that is probably one of the most popular uses of the internet. Any one can acquire an e-mail account if they have access to a computer and a phone line. There are many different types of e-mail accounts and all of them depend on the internet service they choose to acquire their account through.

The internet was actually started in the 1960’s, during the cold war, when the government needed to create a bombproof communications system. Who knew, 40 years later, that the practical and necessary system used then would turn out to have such an impact on our lives today? To think that all of this information is located in one place; a metal box sitting on my wooden desk, is just amazing to me. Another amazement is the knowledge that, if I wanted to, I would never have to leave my house and still be able to complete every day errands. After all everything I need is right at the touch of a button.


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