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Poem: I Dream Essay, Research Paper

I dream of a life that me and you will forever share

Where we eventually call home, I really dont care

I dream of a time when I will again be the one that you trust

For without that, this relationship will eventually rust

I dream of kisses, and walks with your hand in mine

the feelings you give me, will most certainly be divine

I dream of the day when in person we actually greet

I get chills of anticipation, as our lips meet

I dream of the dreams I will have as you sleep, peacefully next to me

they are the perfect dreams, for as I awake, it is you that I see

I dream of a day when I get to see your face as you laugh

because I say “NO dont tip over that cow for it’s only a baby calf”

I dream of the ways to Thank God up above

for the opportunity of me and you, to be forever in love

I dream of learning everything inside your heart and your mind

I want to learn how you do it…how you are so incredibly kind

I dream of the first time we make love. Your body I explore

Your smile, beauty and your passion, I will definitely adore

I dream of the day I will be the one to fulfill YOUR dreams

With all that we share we are meant for each other. Doesnt it seem?

I even dream of the way we argue, but eventually we meet halfway

Baby I love and miss you so much more with each passing day

I dream of always being blessed by the feelings of your love inside me

I promise to take responsibility for loving you. you just wait and see

I dream of your eyes, of your lips, of your smile, and your hair

our lives together for eternity, the 2 of us are always a pair

I dream many times of the day when you and I will marry

your love inside of me I promise to always cherish, to always carry

Mostly I dream of the happiness of the time spent with you

For you allow my best dreams, my dreams of love to come true

It is you that allows me these dreams. For you are my life

I dream of the day that you say “yes” when I ask you to be my wife

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