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– Pardoner Essay, Research Paper

The Pardoner

The Pardoner comes from Rome singing with his friend and partner in crime the Summoner. The Pardoner has waxy yellow hair, which he hung sleekly. He is a clean shaven man. He spread out with what little hair he had, thinly over his shoulders. He rode in a new style of fashion without wearing a hood but only bearing a cap. He is a very villainous man. He knows and enjoys his acts of evil. His main purpose on this pilgrimage is to make money off of selling fake indulgences and fake relics.

The Pardoner has evil thoughts of collecting money from all the poor humans who commit mortal sins and need his relics and indulgences to be forgiven. He is best at singing at the offertory since he knew that he must sweeten his tongue and preach to extract the maximum amount of money from the poor.

On the Pardoners first night there he gets a call for an indulgence and a relic. It is the Knight who had just slept with the Wife of Bath. He sells his fake indulgence and relic to the Knight and the Knight believes that God has forgiven him.

Many events start to happen early in the pilgrimage. The Pardoner is enjoying the night life by sitting down in is room and counting all the money he has been making. While all the people on the pilgrimage our out enjoying there night life committing sin that the Pardoner is up and willing to make money off of.

The profit the Pardoner was making in the beginning of the pilgrimage has been slowing down. The Pardoner is still happy with his booming sales of fake indulgences from the beginning is not worrying about this. He constantly is getting costumers that have slept with the Wife of Bath. Even the respected Prioress has came to the Pardoner for an indulgence for sleeping with the Wife of Bath.

The pilgrimage is coming to an end and the Pardoner has been making amounts of money he had only dreamed of having. The Pardoner now with a huge villainous grin on his face decides notices that he has run out of relics. He panics for a second thinking he maybe about to lose money for people asking for relics. He comes up with an excellent plan. He decides to go to where the cook has been disposing all his cow and pig bones. The Pardoner retrieves enough bones to last him for another


The Pardoner thought he is getting away with this act. He is being watched by the Host who and the Lady of Bath while they were in the woods about to enjoy one of the last nights of the pilgrimage. The Host and the Lady of Bath talk about what they should do about the fact that the Pardoner has been selling fake indulgences and fake relics. They worry about the fact that the sins they committed during the pilgrimage are really forgiven.

After the finished there night life fun they go to see the Pardoner. The scream and yell at the Pardoner for tricking them and they threaten to tell the pilgrims about the evil business he has been running. The Pardoner still cool and calm does not worry about the threat. He sits there with his legs crossed, his hands behind his head, and starts laughing at the Host and the Wife of Bath. He lets them know that if they say a word about anything of his being fake he will just tell everybody about the sins they have committed. Their mouths gape in fear of all there sins being revealed to the public.

The Host and the Wife of Bath were not the only two people to figure out the Pardoners evil scheme but in fact every person found out about it. The Pardoner with

his villainous and deceitful attitude stayed cool through the entire ordeal he just threatened each and every person that he would reveal their sins to the public and the people went on as if nothing ever happened. The Pardoner came back home with amounts of money he had only dreamed of. He also came home with all the dignity of each person on that pilgrimage. While counting his amazing amounts of money a sings the same song he sang with the Summoner and stops in the middle of it laughing in nostalgia of all the people s faces he took the money from.

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