Реферат: Foreigners In The Prague Essay Research Paper

Foreigners In The Prague Essay, Research Paper

Foreigners, who visit Prague, could be divided into three groups. The first ones are visitors who go to Prague, because they want to see historical monuments and enjoy the spirit of an old town. The second ones are those who go to Prague, because they want to see different places in the world. Finally the third ones are those who go here just because it?s so cheap here and want to get drunk and do stuff, they wouldn?t be allowed to in their country.

Probably most welcomed visitors are those mentioned first. Mostly they are older, polite people. They don?t do any troubles here and mostly just spend their money. Those are visitors who help Prague the most, because they usually like it and spend lots of money here. The best example could probably be an older couple from the USA or EU, who went to Prague, because they heard how beautiful it is.

The second group of visitors is still welcomed here, although they usually don?t have so much money. But in most cases they are polite and don?t cause many troubles. Those people go here because they want to see some historical buildings, but at the evening they want to have some fun. Those people probably are the part on an evening Prague now. Typical examples are young people from abroad who want to travel a lot while still having fun.

The last and probably most hated foreigners are those from the last, third, group. Those are visitors who go to Prague just to cause troubles or to get drunk. They are not welcomed at all, but on the other hand they usually spend a reasonable amount of money to be tolerated in pubs or restaurants. But when they go somewhere and cause troubles, they are welcomed targets of police, because they can get lots of money for destroyed property. Typical examples of such a people are groups of 17-25 years old guys from former East Germany.

So from this point of view, most visitors of Prague are welcomed and well treated, even if they are not liked. But it?s all about money. If they have them, they can do virtually anything they want. That?s a real world.

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