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Socialism Essay, Research Paper

Socialism is in the greatest intrest of the public. It calls workers to unite for a better community. This gives them a better work ethic. An early socialist said, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” This is a very accurate summary of the basis of socialism. Everyone gives what they can and gets what they need.

In a socialist economy, life security is guaranteed. For example, if you are handicapped and can’t make enough money to feed and clothe your family, the community helps you. This would also apply if a person had a mental or physical handicap that did not allow them to get a job. Socialism takes care of education, Medicare, and welfare for free.

Socialism gives the workers a reason to unite, to work together for a better today and a good tomorrow. This strengthens the economy and creates a better place to live. People look not for personal profit, but for community gain. Everyone is united for everyone’s common good. Scientists work harder on their jobs because they know that the public is counting on them. People work with the knowledge that if they don’t do their jobs, maybe no one else will, and that could lead to some serious problems. Think of what would happen if the person in the airport control tower decided not to do their job. That would put a lot of lives at risk.

In a socialist economy, things are a lot more fair and equal. For instance, there are no really, really rich people while other people are starving in the streets. On a less heavy note, if the mayor’s son gets a real leather baseball glove, all the other little boys should too. In socialism, they do because it wouldn’t be fair otherwise. There would be an equal amount of space for everyone’s dog to run around in, instead of some dogs having a ton of space to play and some having none.

In socialism, unlike communism, people are allowed to have private businesses. This causes them to have more freedom because they don’t have to depend on the government for a job. This also causes new things to be made and new thoughts to be thought that can benefit society.

In a socialism, relations between people are better. This is true because there is no greed or jealousy in a socialist economy. This particular wonder exists because everyone is equal and has an equal chance. There is simply nothing to be jealous about.

It is said that socialism is pink while communism is red. This is only partially correct. Socialists are usually democratic, with communists being not so democratic. Socialists believe in evolution, not having a revolution (or two, or three, or four?.). Overthrowing the government by force is not something that socialists care to backup or sponsor. Quite a few of the world’s socialist governments are anti-communist.

In socialism, the government owns the basic means of production and distribution of things such as power, water, and basic foodstuffs. This practically eliminates controversies over who got more access to this and that sort of thing.

Minorities are served well by socialism. This is because capitalism oppresses minorities while socialism unites them. In the capitalist world, it is nearly impossible to change your social status and move up to a “better one.” The socialist world, on the other hand, is working as hard as they can to have a classless society. Everyone would have the same social status. The better one.

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