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Gaming In Society Essay, Research Paper

Gaming in Society A wide variety of gaming activities are available in most communities in Alberta. It is possible to gamble almost anywhere in the province because of things like satellites and cable networking. Surveys and research from Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission show: the vast majority of adult Albertans gamble at least occasionally during the course of a year. about 40% gamble at least once per week. most gamble for the entertainment value, or to win money.people who gamble all have different amounts of income and are in all different age groups. the percentage of adults who gamble is higher than those who consume alcohol, or smoke tobacco, or take illegal drugs. per capita, adults in Alberta spend $1,344 per year on lotteries and gaming. on average, people in Alberta spend as much on gaming as they do for clothing. Problem Gambling Problem gamblers are defined as people who have gambling behaviors that result in harm being done to themselves or others. About 106,400 adults in Alberta are problem gamblers. About 27,600 are considered to be pathological gamblers. Pathological gamblers have an chronic inability to resist the urge to gamble.

The Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission is the agency liable for treating problem gambling. AADAC admitted 2,617 people for problem gambling treatment in 1996/1997. This was a 13% increase since 1995. About 68% of the people treated for gambling addiction also had alcohol and/or drug problems. In March, 1997, the provincial government said that it would remove VLTs from any community that voted by a simple majority to do so. Since then, groups and individuals within a number of Alberta communities have taken steps to force a vote on VLTs. A municipality may hold a public vote “on any matter over which the municipality has jurisdiction.” Citizens can force a public vote by collecting the signatures of at least 10% of the municipality’s residents on a petition.

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