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How To Become A Popstar Essay, Research Paper

Pop music is incredibly popular. Not only can one hear bands such as the Backstreet Boys or N Sync playing on just about every radio station in the country, but bands such as this can be seen in toy stores in the form of action figures, or on posters hanging on the bedroom walls of pre-pubescent girls nationwide. These pretty faces and high-pitched voices are enough to drive the average, red-blooded male up the wall and beg for the days of Led Zeppelin and ZZ Top. Despite the disdain showed by the average male towards these talented musicians, one must give them credit for earning infinitely more money in their few shorts years of fame, than one usually earns over the course of a lifetime. Since this is true, everyone should be allowed to know what exactly it takes to become a popstar. By carefully examining three important requirements of pop-stardom, one could easily become a popstar themselves. As unorthodox as some of these requirements may seem, they are all being fulfilled by the popstars of today and are surely keys to instant success.

If one wishes to become a popstar, the first requirement is a change in wardrobe. By simply watching an award show such as the MTV Music Awards or the Teen Choice Awards, one can see just what type of digs it takes to make it in the world of pop-stardom. The key to popstar dress is definitely the outlandishness of the outfit. Take AJ from the Backstreet Boys for example. You will never see this guy wearing a shirt with arms on it. Since he has a plethora of tattoos on both of his arms, he finds it necessary to show of his twig-like arms wherever he goes. To compliment his armless shirts, AJ chooses a large, novelty cowboy hat that would surely cripple the neck of a normal human being because of its size. However, since AJ and his band have been wildly successful, aspiring popstars should hurry out to their local clothing boutiques and purchase the most ridiculous looking outfits they can find. Keep in mind that the more the outfits don t match, the more popstar-like they will look. This, however, is the just the first step in becoming a full-blown popstar.

Another requirement in becoming a popstar is the ability to bust-a-move. otherwise known as dance. Although popstar s music videos are heavily choreographed, a basic knowledge of dancing is required if one is to ever impress a large crowd children on stage. They key is not in the complexity of the dance, that would be displaying too much talent for a common popstar, the key is in the number of times one hits their hands to their chest and points to the crowd as if to create an intimate star-to-fan moment. This pointing to the crowd can be commonly seen in music videos, or at press conferences and can be easily disguised as dancing because of the adoration it garners from the crowd. If one is an aspiring popstar, pointing to the crowd while in song is absolutely essential to give the fans the illusion that the popstar actually cares about them.

The final step in becoming a popstar is the most obvious, the raw musical talent of the performer. Luckily for popstars, all of their songs are already written, played and sung by other people. One must understand that the popstar has no real musical ability or talent, but is rather a face or group of faces that look good together that the record company uses to sell the records of the real talent whose names are never so much as whispered by these popstars. Keeping this in mind, if one wishes to become a popstar, one must first be sure they have absolutely no musical talent. If one can play an instrument, sing, dance or write music or lyrics, one is much too talented to become a popstar and should get a job that actually requires half a brain.

Now that one has read what steps one must follow to become a popstar, one must review them all to keep them in mind. The first step to being a popstar is wild and outlandish dress. The second step is to point to the fans as much as possible while singing to make them believe that the popstar actually cares for them. The third is to be sure one has no musical talent whatsoever. If one does possess any musical talent, they may find themselves out of work in the pop music industry as this may threaten the other popstars. If one does meet this criterion however, then by all means enter the pop music industry, it deserves your company.

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