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The Next Minutes, It’s Here Essay, Research Paper

The Next Minute, It’s Here

The world has finally come into unison. All countries agree that this problem must be stopped. The Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, also known as AIDS, has struck but this time it will not be ignored like the first time. As humans, the fact that AIDS has been prolonged only brought more issues than what it first started out to be. Now the world deals with a fight for life and survival, only now, our enemy is a virus.

For those who have the ability and have the knowledge of AIDS know the causes, effects, and prevention. This time, the whole world needs to be informed. Remembering the eighties, being HIV positive or having AIDS was known but was not talked about. It was considered a sin. Now, society must change that because AIDS has changed all of us.

Today, we face issues where children are born with AIDS because of their parents’ selfishness or situations where partners sacrifice sexual intercourse because one is infected. AIDS has made life unfair. It has affected our economy so that a percentage of money must be used to inform others about this serious disease and to provide proper medical attention for those who can and cannot afford medicine or treatment.

In the past, government and health institutions treated AIDS like any general broken leg but did not accept the fact that it must be treated exactly like a baby, you take care of it or the problem with grow and that’s where we are today. AIDS has now somewhat become like the new common cold or the “new plague”.

Just like all the second-hand smoke and anti-tobacco advertisements, AIDS must be exposed as well. Everyone should be enforced to testing regardless of age, marital status, race, religion, etc. Information about this disease must be repeatedly said to every single person. All schools, public and private starting from junior high, must provide contraceptives and encourage abstinence, but it they choose to have sexual intercourse make them aware of diseases and use proper protection. Religious groups should step forward and speak openly about AIDS.

Most of all, everyone should be open minded to a situation like this because this again is a world wide issue and could be theirs.

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