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Iraqi Organizations Essay, Research Paper

Iraqi OrganizationsThe Iraqi National Congress-An opposition group of various political organizations that oppose the “brutal regime” of Saddam Hussein. Its main focus is to get Hussein out of office and take control of Iraq. Established in 1992, it represents the basic pluralistic nature of Iraqi society. They have many contacts on the inside and will most likely take over when Saddam is removed from office.Worker-Communist Party of Iraq-Essentially, they believe that Communism should exist as the main political idealism in Iraq in order to build a better world and a better future. “Freedom, prosperity and equality” will exist in this system. Capitalism is the source behind all ills and evils in society today. They basically that Communism is here to quell that.The Iraq Foundation-A non-profit, non-governmental based organization. They work for democracy and human rights in Iraq. They are also working towards a better international understanding of Iraq’s potential as a contributor to political stability and economic progress in the Middle East.The Constitutional Monarchy Movement-This movement would stand for all the people of Iraq, regardless of their ethnic, religious or political backgrounds. The unity of the Iraqi homeland is its main cause. The diversity of ethnic and religious groups in Iraq should be a source of strength to the homeland. It believes it is necessary to adopt the Islamic identity. And the Permanent Constitution should be reformed similarly to how it was before the coup in 1958.

Iraqi Democratic Union-Established in 1980 to work to enhance the Iraqi community status, to show its identity with the mother Iraq, and to show solidarity between the Iraqi people in their struggle for freedom. It wants to establish unity of the Iraqi community and form nationalism between the people to have pride in their movement. A big target for their movement is the youth, which they intelligently adopt with their views for the future. It also wants to reform women’s rights with the social, economic and cultural affairs and foster concern for mother and child. They want to re-establish a love for their Motherland.The Assyrian Progressive Nationalist Party-It is based in Morton Grove, Illinois for the time being. It believes that ones with Assyrian-Mesopotamian roots should be able to reclaim the land as their own as it was historically. They believe anyone with these roots, regardless of religion. It believes that it deserves the future homeland consisting of land between the Taurus Mountains in the north and the Gulf of Fao in the South. They believe that this is their destiny.

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