Реферат: Yours Truly Love Janie Essay Research Paper

Yours Truly Love, Janie Essay, Research Paper

Junior high book report for girls

Yours Truley Love, Janie

By:Ann Reit

I recently read the book titled Yours Truly Love, Janie. It was about a sixteen year old girl named Janie Dowens. Her mother owned a small gift shop. Her father is a lawyer, and her sister Mellie goes to college. They live in a suburb of New York city. Janie’s boyfriend, Peter, has been around for as long as she can remember. Janie was always looking for love so when she found an add in the newspaper saying a twenty-one year old cowboy said he wanted to meet a city girl. She responded to the add. Janie wrote the cowboy, Duke McCoy, saying she was twenty-one and that she was in college to be a writer. Janie later got a letter from the twenty-one year old cowboy and he stated all of his information. They kept writing back and forth. Then everyone started finding out about the letters and Peter knew that Janie was acting different. Peter and Janie started fighting a lot and then they broke-up. Janie had pictured Duke McCoy to be a real Romeo. Duke wrote and in his letter he stated that he would be in New York for the rodeo. So Janie and her best friend Tina met Duke at a diner for lunch. They saw each other and found out that Janie was only sixteen and Duke was twenty-seven. They found it pretty funny. They ate and later said good-bye. Janie started to fall back in love with Peter like she never had before, and since she wasn’t writing Duke anymore she started writing Peter. She told him that she was sorry and she explained all abot Duke. They started going to the movies, talking, and other stuff. Finaly they got back together.

I liked this book over all because I could relate to Janie in some ways. I was upset that Duke turned out to be twenty-seven. I wished that things would have worked out for her and Duke. The book had you wishing that Janie’s dreams would come true about her and Duke but they didn’t. It led you up to the point where they met then it let me down because they didn’t fall in love like you thaought they would. In the end I thought it was good that Janie got back with Peter. I was glad that they did go back out. If they wouldn’t have gotten back together I wouldn’t have liked the book. Since they did though I enjoyed it. I just wish that Ann Reit wouldn’t have written the book like she did because I got my hapes up for the great cowboy Duke.

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