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Guatemala City Essay, Research Paper

Guatemala City

As with all countries, certain and continuous political systems is unlikely. Instead a mixture of systems (capitalism, socialism, communism, and traditionalism) seem to be the overall control of a nation. Guatemala, a small country in South America, proves true to the before-mentioned statement. While it is not a mixture of all four systems, Guatemala does possess and adhere to Capitalism and Traditionalism.

While small countries uphold historical values and culture, they also strive to become more modernized and urbanized. “Guatemala’s Indians have been Christianized, and to some extent modernized, since the conquistador Pedro de Alvarado first came thundering down from Mexico in 1524.” However, centuries of custom are not lost in the hearts of natives. They still preserve and celebrate old religious practices. Holy Week is observed with high formidability and benevolent Good Friday is also celebrated with the release of three prisoners from jail. In accordance with these customs and many others, Guatemala’s citizens are said to be “Christians in church and pagans in the fields.”

1773 was the year that heeded way for a new era of government. With neighboring nations on the rise, Guatemala soon followed by the creation of Guatemala City, the capital, which inhabited approximately 750,000. Presently, Guatemala City is still the largest city in Guatemala. It is the center of the country and home to major industry, commerce, finance, publishing, education, and the government. Since coffee is Guatemala’s chief export, thousands flock to breed this financial baby. But as with all modernizing urban culture, overcrowding and unemployment flourish which inevitably produces city slums and gang violence.

However the President’s constant effort to put down guerilla movements and build a national army has helped prevent violence. The President, who resides in office with no definite standard of time, is a tough anti-Communist. Since anti-communism leads to anti-socialism, and vice versa, capitalism eventually rises.

These governmental and society traits do not fan throughout the entire country undoubtingly. In small towns like Santa Elens, one road is the only passageway to modern life. La Palma, is extremely proud of a soccer field which ultimately shows their attempt to modernize. Because major industry is impossible in these small cities, citizens still practice the age-old method of slash and burn agriculture.

Therefore Guatemala is a prime example of Traditionalism and Capitalism intertwining and working together to produce a country constantly striving to modernize and urbanize but still keeping in touch with its history, culture, and past.

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