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Quad Flight Essay, Research Paper

Quad Flight

This day I thought was like any other day, or I thought….

It was a cloudy day during the middle of January and My Dad And I were

riding our four wheel drive motor vehicles flying all around those great trails. The

best thing of this whole trip was that they had just built some jumps. They were the

biggest jumps that anyone has seen, so my Dad and I got as far back as we could,

which was about five hundred feet back. So I just pinned the throttle and let her fly

I hit that jump doing ninety miles an hour. But little to my knowledge they had put a

slingshot at the top of the jump which is actually just a lift at the top of the jump.

My Dad and I had our two bikes decked in all the latest aftermarket hard?

ware, and my Dad and I were decked out all in Thor gear. But the thing my Dad and

I had forgotten which was the most important thing that we could forget was the

registration. And my Dad and I had heard that they were checking all the quads in

the area. Because if they checked our quads they could be impounded and that

would put a damper on our riding. My Dad said ?those cops are coming!!? ?What

are going to do?? I asked. But the one thing we did was probably the worst idea I

could ever have is to run away from them. So we fired up the quads and we flew

down the trail, that would take us up to Fall River but the one thing blocking us to

Fall River was a huge canyon that was about 500 feet wide and about 300 feet

down. so there was only one thing that I could do. So I drove my quad back about

200 feet and just floored it and praying to god that I could make the jump I hit the

jump and all I remember was my dad yelling at me you are not going to make it……

I saw him from the other side I yelled? come on dad you have to jump they are

coming hurry!? So my dad started to go but I knew that he wasn?t going to make it

when he hit he was just a few feet short so he jumped off his quad and landed on his

feet in front of me. All of sudden we heard them coming, but I couldn?t get my quad

started. They caught up to us and we started to go at it swinging punches left and

right but I was the big man there and I swung at both of the cops and I knocked

them both out with one swing which was pretty stupid since all the fine was $10 so

we ditched the cops in the bushes and rode back to our truck and loaded up the

bikes and road home.

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