Реферат: Nietzche Marx And Kierkegaard Essay Research Paper

Nietzche, Marx, And Kierkegaard Essay, Research Paper

Professor Foltz

20th Ce. Philosophy

Nietzsche, Marx, and Kierkegaard

Zarathustra is always a favorite, with the ringing of God is dead throughout the mountains. Re-evaluating our idols, discovering the significance of their dethroning and how it relates to the intricate web that we create for our lives. Zarathustra, holy man in his blasphemy, ushering in a new era where the last men are eradicated, the filthy vermin masquerading intelligence led by the promise of cheese. Formerly the world was a mad place, filled with mice traps, and the drool pours down their uncomprehending faces. So much feces no longer serving the purpose to cleanse, but only lobotomized. All hail Zarathustra; all hail the maker of the overwoman. (Imperfection lies in the most perfect

understanding.) Which brings us to Kierkegaard. A lovely mind with an intense dislike for Hegel and his apparent existentialist system lacking ethics. All the focus on the creation of a possibility for lethargy, a large market emerges for indulgent difficulty. Kierkegaard is a funny man. A logical system triumphant against the impossibility of the existentialist dilemmas. Systems begin in reflection, there is perhaps thus never a true beginning, is the light of the big bang still visible? Favorite quotes: “A philosopher has gradually come to be so fantastic a being that scarcely the most extravagant fancy has ever invented anything so fabulous (pg. 200).” and “the ideal of a persistent striving is the only view of life that does not carry with it an inevitable disillusionment (pg. 203).” God for Kierkegaard is the only systematic thinker, and systems are silly silly in their finality of macrocosmic proportions because people cannot be God. Existing being a system for God but not for anything existing sounds almost as if good old Soren is not claiming that God is dead but perhaps that God does not exist? How does he reconcile this? Past existence perhaps is systematic in that it has drawn to a close but the present is no time for birth because it is immediately transcended into the past, and what is transcendent other than the past because what else can be transcended than the base in the present which leads to the “bad infinite” in my mind, outside the realm of logic and therefore of little importance other than that it is seemingly impossible. I could go on and on but I need elucidation to clarify probable misunderstanding but I like Kierkegaard (help Foltz!). Marx is always Marx and never God (thank you Kierkegaard!) unless idolized as God in which case Nietzsche would interject that only the enlightened would realize that God is truly dead. People as commodity fodder for uncaring octopus that dominate the world (with or without God’s systematic consent). Time is objectified in products that personify the lives of thousands of people so that thousands more can be lethargic (which is where Kierkegaard lights the fires under their asses). But money and private property are the debil (devil) and therefore perhaps outside of the realm of logic in which it is left up to the fantastical philosophers to free the world (or imprison it in mistaken systematic slavery…Oops.)

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