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Brutus, A Noble Roman Essay, Research Paper

Brutus, a Noble Roman In the play, Julius Caesar, Antony admired many qualities about Brutus. Antonyhad referred to Brutus as the noblest Roman, but this did not mean Brutus was perfectbecause he was not. Brutus had illustrated that he is a honest, caring and a determinedman. Brutus had proved that he was an honest man. During his funeral oration forCaesar, he was honest with his words, he spoke truthfully to the crowd about why he hadkilled Caesar and said it was for the good of Rome. Antony truly admired Brutus. Antonyand Octavius were going to give him proper burial out of respect, this proves that if Brutus enemies were going to give him a burial, then that would mean that Antony really admiredBrutus for his good qualities. Many people respected and looked up to Brutus beforeAntony spoke at Caesar s funeral. For example, when Brutus spoke the citizens had been onBrutus side and were against Antony. A citizen had said, We ll bring him to his housewith shouts and clamours (3.2.55). Even though Brutus might not have done the best thingfor Rome by killing Caesar, he was still a noble and a honest Roman. Brutus was a noble and caring person and in Antony s words you could say, Thiswas a man (5.5.75). Brutus had truly believed that it was in Rome s best interest thatCaesar were to be killed. Brutus decision for joining the conspiracy or not was not takenlightly. even though Brutus was tired, he was still making up his mind about joining theconspiracy after his evenings interview with Cassius and the other conspirators. WhenBrutus had found the several anonymous letters (really from Cassius) he really thought thatthey were from the citizens of Rome and that they did not want Caesar to be crowned King.

His reasoning was that Caesar was not to be killed for what he had done but for what he maydo in the future. Brutus had all four elements, and they were all equally mixed up in him,(5.5.73). Brutus did not have too much pride or envy, he had just the right amount of each. Brutus did not tell his wife Portia about the conspiracy because he knew she would be hurtand would not understand. If Brutus enemies could say kind words about him it must havetruly meant that he was a great man. Brutus was a very determined man. He was like the Master Mind of the wholeconspiracy. All the other conspirators looked up to Brutus and listened to him with greatrespect. Anything Brutus told the conspirators to do they did it with out so much as aquestion asked. His great determination to kill Caesar came from the fact that he thought theidea of Caesar being King would eventually destroy Rome completely. Brutus was notafraid to die if he lost the battle to Antony and his army. Near the end of the play withCassius dead, Brutus knew that there was no chance that his side could come out victoriousin the battle for the control of Rome. He did not want to give his enemies the satisfaction ofletting them parade him through the streets of Rome and get tortured so he killed himself. Brutus fought to the end and to him the whole ordeal was worth it because he was fightingfor Rome and died fighting for it. Therefore, in this play, as proven it is obvious that Brutus was not perfect because ofhis actions in killinq Caesar. Brutus had proven that he was honest, noble and determined… What mattered to him is that he fought for what he believed in and that was for the honor ofRome.

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