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Child Care – The Effect On Family Life Essay, Research Paper

More and more families are putting their children into daycare every day. There are different reasons as to why they have to do this. The main reasons are that both parents have to work, or the child is in a single parent situation, and the parent has to work in order to have an income to buy basic needs.

In order to pay the child care bill and the cost of enrolment fees, etc, parents will need to keep working to keep the income flowing. That also means less quality family time because they will be working their butts off most of the 1time. Then when they do finally get time off, they will be exhausted and short-tempered, and the last thing they will want is a whingeing kid.

If parents are always at work, their children will go home to an empty house each night after school, or to a day care centre where there is no-one whom they can tell their problems. If parents are working late then there is a pretty good chance they are not going to have the patience to cook something. So they will be tempted to just grab take out on the way home. This means nutrition levels go down and children are not as healthy as they should be.

There are also quite a lot of good points toward both parents working. It automatically means a higher income, which means they will be able to afford to indulge in new clothes, expensive shoes, entertainment, holidays and much more. Children will learn responsibilities and independence and daycare will enable them to socialise more because there are so many other children there. Instead of sitting in front of the TV all afternoon until their parents come home, they will be doing something creative like making cards or drawing pictures.

Children are put into child are centres for a reason. It?s because their parents are busy trying to make money so that their children can live a happy, fulfilled life with most things they need.

By putting children into daycare regularly, people are contributing to their communities because they are putting so much money into the government funding. This money will go towards building bigger and better daycare facilities for children.

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