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Dwight D. Eisenhower Essay, Research Paper

Life Before A President

Dwight David Eisenhower was born on October 14, 1890, in Denison, Texas. He

was the third of seven sons. His parents where David Jacob Eisenhower, and Ida

Elizabeth Stover Eisenhower. In 1892, the family moved to Abilene, Kansas,

there he began his schooling until he graduated from Abilene High School in 1909. In

1911, Dwight took the Annapolis and West Point Entrance Exams. He scored first

on the Annapolis exam and second on the West Point exam. Since he was to

old for Annapolis he had to disqualify himself, and he went to West Point. On June

14, 1911, he entered the United States Military Academy in West Point New York.

When he was in the academy he was a very good student. In his last year, he was

57th out of a class of 212. His best grades was in English and in history where he was

10th in his class for English and 39th for history. He was also a very good football player

as well. In one game he played against one of the greatest football players of all time,

Jim Thorpe. In this game, he badly sprained his knee, which forced him to quit.

He then met his future wife, Mamie Geneva Doud while he was visiting some

friends in San Antonio. They were married on July 1, 1916. Then had there first son,

Doud Dwight, born September 24, 1917, but died January 2, 1921 of scarlet fever. Their

second son, John Sheldon Doud was born August 3, 1922. He went on to follow his

fathers Footsteps by serving in the U.S. Army.

Life as a president

Dwight David Eisenhower?s presidency was good he was a Republican candidate

for President on June 4, 1952. ?I like Ike? was his slogan; Eisenhower won a sweeping

victory and was Elected President on November 4, 1952. During his 2-year term he tried

to reduce the strains of the Cold War. In 1953, a signing of a truce made peace along the

border of South Korea. That same year the death of Stalin a Russian Leader caused a bad

relationship with Russia. Meanwhile, both Russia and the United States had developed

hydrogen bombs. So in July 1955 Eisenhower met with the British, French, and Russian

governments and the United States and Russia exchange blueprints of each other’s

military establishments, witch caused the conflict to end.

In September 1955, in Denver, Colorado Eisenhower suffered from a heart attack

and left the hospital seven weeks later. In November he was elected for his second term.

In his second term continued most of the New Deal and Fair Deal programs,

emphasizing a balanced budget. As ?desegregation of schools? began, orders of a

Federal Court allowed Ike to send troops into Little Rock, Arkansas and he also ordered

the Complete desegregation of the Armed Forces.

In conclusion, president Eisenhower concentrated on maintaining world peace

and do what ever he could to make the United States of America a better place. Dwight

David Eisenhower?s life as a president was good because of all his good deeds and

Accomplishments through out his presidency years.

What I Think About President

Dwight D. Eisenhower.

I think president Dwight D. Eisenhower was a great president, although this is

the only president I have researched and I have just started researching this president

just a week ago. I have found the more research I did, the more I liked this president.

There are two mean reasons I like this president. The first reason is all of the interesting

events that had happened through out his presidency such as the one in 1955 witch is

the one when he met with the British, French, and Russian governments and the United

States and Russia exchange blueprints of each other’s military establishments, and

Eisenhower ended the conflict. The second reason I like this president is his past history

as a soldier.

Some main events that had happened through out Eisenhower?s presidency

that I find interesting, besides the one listed above is when, Eisenhower delivers his

“Atoms for Peace” speech on Dec. 8, 1953 at the United Nations proposing an

international atomic energy agency and peaceful development of nuclear energy. Another

one is Eisenhower attends the Geneva Four Power Conference in July 1955 and submits

his “Open Skies” proposal allowing mutual air reconnaissance over military installations.

I find these two events interesting not just because there interesting events, but the way

Eisenhower handled them because he was a soldier in his early age and he new what it

was like to be in a war and fight for his country, witch other presidents didn?t

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