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Student Loans Essay, Research Paper

The federal government has the power to cutback the funding of student loans. There are several different ways the government can go about doing this. One way is to keep the amount of each loan the same and reduce the number of loans granted. Another option the government has is to reduce the amount of each loan and issue the same number as in the past. Either way, students that belong to a low-income family will be greatly affected. Cutbacks in the funding of student loans have several effects.

One effect is less fortunate individuals will miss the opportunity of attending college. However, it is not that the poor are unintelligent, but can not afford to attend college without a loan. There is no such rule, which states that rich people are smarter then poor people. This rumor may seem true because in the past there has been a higher success rate in wealthy students when compared to the less fortunate students. For example, a student wants to attend college but his parents monthly income is barely enough to cover the rent, bills, and food. He can work a part-time job on the side but between the tuition and the cost of books, there still is not enough money. In a case such as this, young adults will be forced to drop out of school and into the work field. Student loans help low-income families to achieve their highest potential.

Another effect is that many colleges will become financially burdened. The amount of money a school receives depends on the number of students enrolled. This money is divided among the schools fixed costs that include teacher salaries, programs, new equipment, and campus beautification. With a decrease in students several sacrifices will have to be made. For example, there might not be enough money to pay all the teachers that are currently staffed. As a result many of them will be laid off. There will also be a cutback in the number of classes, which are being offered due to the limited staff. Equipment such as microscopes, computers, and lab supplies will not be updated and replaced as quickly as well. College sports programs maybe one of the first to be cancelled because given such tight budget educators will want to put their funds toward academics.

Finally, the economy as a whole will suffer. In toadays work field businesses usually search for well-educated individuals to add to their successful team. As student enrollment drops there are less educated students that graduate. This makes it difficult for businesses to find individuals with the right knowledge, training, and skills for open positions. When a business is understaffed, they have a difficult time in keeping up with the speed of technology. For example, a company that deals with business marketing would be more than happy to hire an individual who took classes in advertising, economics, banking, and statistics. If an applicant is not educated in this type of field but has little to some experience, businesses are likely to turn them away and wait for someone who is qualified for the position. Individuals who are not properly educated do have other options in today’s work field, but a majority of those jobs will be minimum wage or close to minimum wage.

In conclusion, the federal government should reconsider cutting-back student loans. These loans provide many individuals whom are financially challenged an opportunity to change their lives for the better. Colleges that have large enrollment are financially capable in expanding their curriculums and offering its students the latest equipment. With nothing but the best, students will be prepared for the future that lies ahead of them.

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