Реферат: Huck Finn Chap 15 Essay Research Paper

Huck Finn Chap 1-5 Essay, Research Paper

The book starts by Huck plugging his previous book, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, from that book, we know that he and Tom has 6,000 dollars. In these chapters Huck lives at the Widow Douglas plantation, and is being watched over by the Widow Douglas and her sister, Miss Watson.

So the story’s main theme for Huck is that regular society is trying to make him civilized, trying to teach him the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic, and for the most part, he doesn’t like that. So one night, Huck goes out to smoke, and hears Tom Sawyer’s secret call, and they go out, and Huck makes some noise, that alerts Jim, and ultimately they trick Jim into thinking it is nothing, and they go to meet up with some other friends and screw around being a band of robbers and stuff.

Huck returns late into that night, and is scolded by the Widow Douglas, and she tells him about religion and stuff, which he doesn’t take at all well to. Later the next day, Huck meets up with Tom, and Tom tells him about superstitions and stuff, more specifically, about a magic lamp.

Huck fears his dad (Only cause he beats him…) and during the day, he sees things that make him believe his father is back in town. He tries to give all his money to Judge Thatcher, who invest the money for Huck bringing a dollar a day in interest… Huck then goes to Jim and tries to get his fortune read from Jim’s magic hairball. Anyways, what it all leads up to is that Huck finds Pap waiting for him in his room.

Pap is drunk as usual, and beats Huck for having learned to read and write. Pap finds out about Huck’s fortune, and eventually wants to have custody of Huck, which he eventually get’s partial custody through a second judge (even though the first judge and the Widow didn’t want it to happen). Huck continues with his schooling, and even goes to the Widow Douglas’s place often, which angers Pap, and he kidnaps Huck and takes him to his own private cabin.

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