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Lightning Dean Koontz Essay, Research Paper

On Wednesday January 12th 1955 Dr. Barkwell is going to

deliver Janet Shane?s baby. As soon as he hopped into his

car he was held at gunpoint by a strong blond man and was

told that he wouldn?t be delivering the baby tonight. This

incident allowed Laura Shane to be born a healthy young

girl. When Laura was born her mother died at birth, but it

only mattered that she lived. Ever before Laura was born

she had a guardian looking over her making sure that she

lived a long and happy life. When she was eight years old he

saved her life for the second time at her fathers work. A

madman was robbing them at gunpoint. They had already

given the man all their money when he decided that he was

going to rape Laura. The mad man would have had his way

except for her guardian Stephan shot the man saving the day

and then set there story strait for the police. She did not see

her guardian again until her father died about four years later

from a heart attach. He did not have to save her this time but

he was just watching her. After the Grocery store incident

she didn?t see her guardian until twenty years later he

stopped her in the middle of the road and took her and her

family off the road to safety. He saved them from a drunk

driver in an n out of control truck. That wasn?t the only thing

he saved her from that time but also from one of his former

college named Cocauscha that he had crossed. In that act of

saving Laura her husband Danny was killed from gunshot

wounds in the back. Stephan killed Cocauscha by shooting

him in the chest and once in the head but this was not the last

he saw of him. Stephan traveled with a time belt that could

only go into the future, his belt was unable to send him some

where if he might create a paradox. He helps destroy a

Natzie party that was using the power of time travel to

conquer the world with nuclear weapons. In the end Stephan

Saves Her and her son Chris a few more times and ends up

falling in love.

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