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Anthem 2 Essay, Research Paper

The first book I read this year was Anthem, written by the highly respected author, Ayn Rand. This book has two main themes which expressed in the style of her writing. In this piece I noticed Ayn Rand used her book to portray how man can overcome and achieve any objective he has been faced with and can see past any influence society has used to control his mind.

Man is capable of seeing outside the perspective of society and can discover the truth despite any outside influences. In the quote, we cannot risist it. It whispers to us that there are great things on this earth, the hunger to gain knowledge from a perspective other than general society is expressed. They know that there other philosophies of the world which can be perceived. They understand that in order to obtain different views of the world they must think of things in a broader picture so that can gain absolute knowledge and test the out limits of their minds. His first step in discovering the truth is when he says, We think there are mysteries He s already beginning to think outside the parameters of his mind and starts to develop a multiple-perspective mind. From this he can then make another step in order to perfect his mind and make capable of seeing things outside the lines. No matter what pursuasive false facts man has been feed he will always be able to erase him from his mind and view a more sensible perspective of the world.

Conflits occur in the life of man but during the course of time man can overcome their objective using their outstanding trait of cunningness. When man says, We cannot stop now, even though it frightens us that we are alone in our knowledge., clearly displays how many will overpower any obstacle that he is faced with. Humans simply set a goal in their minds and are determined to achieve them. They have already made up their minds that truth about their existence on earth is out there and will do anything to discover the it. Man s determination to know the truth about world is expressed when he says, We must know that we may know. Man will not let anything prevent him from understanding the truth. He may act arrogant of the situation in order to prove to himself that he can accomplish his goal. Man s thirst to overcome his objective will always cause him to succeed.

There is nothing that can get in the way of man s struggle to overcome himself. This conflict can be the most difficult but can also be accomplished. Ayn Rand used her book Anthem to show that overcoming yourself is possible. As long as man truly wants to do something and has set aside a goal which he desperatley wants to achieve, he will be able to conquer it and prove to himself that he can master his objective.

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