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Interpersonal Communication Essay, Research Paper

People need to communicate with each other and they communicate with lots of people in a day period. The relationships between these people and the person individually changes so there are lots of communication kinds and distances between these people and the person. People always needs to communicate with each other even they don?t know each other. Speaking, telling our needs and wants verbally, non verbally or in a written way is the basic need of our daily life.

Speaking the basic communication way between people we speak thousands of words in day period. We speak with lots of people in different places and with different functions. The communication between these people and us changes according to this people?s function in our lives. There is different kind of relationships like family, school, job, public, friends…etc All has different formats in our daily communication. The closeness and the context of these communications are very different from each other and we kind them according to their contexts and distances with the opposite sites. Roles are the most determinist functions in daily communication. Power distance effects the daily communication between people when it?s connected with social roles.

In daily relationships if we observe the closeness and roles of the people change but the main communication process is starting with the sender, receiver and the message. Then we can observe the kinds of daily communication. There are lots of models in communication but the main elements are these.

Individuals use words to communicate this process can be face to face, with roles and relationships, 2- way, intentional, ongoing process or cumulative. First of all in twenty four-hour periods my personal communication starts with my family in the morning. Also I communicate with my family in different kinds in the morning like face to face or with roles and relationships or two way. If we give an example saying good morning and asking did you sleep well are the first words of a new day and it?s a kind of face to face communication. In the breakfast the way of answering the question of do you want some coffee with shaking my head is showing that I did not need any conversation while I was chewing my toast is a kind of 2 way communication. It?s also a non verbal communication too. In class the speech that I?ve made about the media club members snobbish behaviors with the teacher is an intentional communication that I send a message to media club members. The class is a kind of network and we mustn?t recognize that interpersonal communication is a one to one relationship. I send my message more than one person and the receivers take my message. The relationships with my friends have more kinds of communication that I can see all kinds of communication with them in my daily communication.

Non verbal communication is needed sometimes we don?t need words, when words are not enough or we are not able to speak with the other part. Non verbal communication works visually. Signs or emotions or body language can be said as different non verbal communication tools. We use non verbal communication several times in daily life. Especially emotions are very important in non verbal communication. Because they have more meanings in them. Facial emotions can be interpreted differently by every person. A word has a common meaning for everybody but different facial emotions has the message and meaning in itself and every receiver takes the message differently. There are basic emotions that we can see it in written communication. The person itself can express the feelings in many different ways. Our body language is the most important part of non verbal communication. Shaking had, up and down means yes or right to left means no or showing hand means hello…etc We use these non verbal communication kinds everyday. The reason for using this non verbal communication tools is that they complete the words, or the messages that we want to send, manages our conversations, exchanges rituals. Our body, signs, emotions helps us to send our message more successfully.

Communication between people changes according to their closeness this effects the context of the communication between them. Low context communication goes forward to high context if the communication continues. But the main point is people who don?t know each other well do not expresses their feeling very much and they control their conversations while speaking. The communication process develops slowly and controlled. High context communication appears between people know each other well especially in collectivist cultures. The communication is more natural and successful. As an example I do not control my speeches too much with my close friends because I do not worry that they will know me bad. They know me very well and I know them very well too so I express my feelings in a more relaxed and comfortable way. When I meet with a new person my conversations are more controlled and I don?t feel myself comfortable. I do not talk too much and the communication between me and him develops negatively we both don?t know each other well and both of us communicate in a limited and low contextual way.

These communication kinds occur also the facework in daily life. Facework is important and problematic in uncertain situations. Negative facework occurs when the distance between people increases. Negative facework occurs in low context communication. Trying to be polite and keeping the distance between people creates the negative face work. Apologizing when we want something from somebody and the speeches made while trying to be polite and respectful creates a stress on both parts and negative facework occurs. My answer to my friends question ?Which movie do you want to see?? answered by me as ?it doesn?t matter I can see all of them.? Again created a negative facework. Positive facework is again appears when a need or want occurs in daily life but this time there is a positively that one part hopes or wants something from the other by showing that the other part is better. The thing expected from this part can be done easily because the demand comes according to this direction. So the relationship between both parts develop positively.

The communication process between people is effected by many different situations in daily life. The distance between the people, trying to be polite or afraid of misunderstandings effect the communication between people negatively. But people express their feelings with words or with their body and they have to because we need to communicate every time. People need other and without interaction and communication life would be so different. We couldn?t have been even primitive. Everything starts with communication and ends with communication.

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