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Proving The Bible Right Essay, Research Paper

Proving the Bible Right

Now a days it s hard to trust anything. With so many things going wrong in today s society there is one thing that you can trust. That s the Holy Bible. There are many reasons to trust the Bible, the most common is that it s Gods word but for some people that just isn t enough. But if you do your research you learn many more reasons why to trust the Bible. I trust the Bible and I think that every one should at least give it a chance.

The Bible is the word of God. The Bible itself says this so that we aren t just thinking this all for ourselves. Even though it was written by people those people were inspired by God to write it. All of these writings were accepted by the cannon as scripture. Nothing has been taken away or added to these books which guaranties us that it is still the same word that the original authors were inspired to write. So that means that even though there are many different versions and translations they all the same thing.

Another reason to trust the Bible is that it has been preserved for thousands of years. It has survived being written on perishable materials, being hand copied, this is a great feat because of the fires and floods and natural disasters which could have easily destroyed these fragile materials. It has also survived persecution, such as banning the Bible from countries, being burned, and being outlawed. Yet if this book didn t have some sort of divine intervention it would have most definitely been destroyed. The Bible has also survived persecution from critics who tried to prove it false. The Bible of course was proven true using science to back up it s claims.

The Bible has been proven accurate in it s fact about history, people, and prophecies. Unlike other so called Holy works the Bible s prophecies have come true and still are being fulfilled. In it s history the Bible contains the oldest historic writings and deals with families not just legacies of kings and their time of ruling. In regards to people the Bible doesn t try to make every one in the Bible look like perfect people it shows them for who they are and how they lived their lives. This is good because then we can relate to these people because it tells that they sin just like us.

These are just some of the reasons to trust the Bible. If you have a relationship with God then trusting the bible shouldn t be very difficult. But for unbelievers they try to think of reasons of why not to trust it. This is why it s important to read and research the Bible so that we will always be prepared to stand up and defend our beliefs. This is why I trust the Bible.

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