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Amerisports Bar Essay, Research Paper

Opening the Amerisports Bar

Opening the Sports Bar here in Council Bluffs is a big job with a lot of responsibilities. There are a number of things that have to be done each morning to ensure that each customer has an enjoyable experience. This is one of the biggest sports bars in this area and attracts many from around the world. It is equipped with over 25 televisions one of which has the biggest screen within a 200 mile radius. There are approximately 75 tables located in this bar and at each one you are able to view a sporting event. Now that you get a picture of the size of this bar the following information will explain what to do when opening the bar.

1. In the morning the most popular thing to drink is usually coffee or tea. To brew coffee and tea you will need three filters, one for regular coffee, decaffeinated coffee, and of course one for the tea. Fill each of the filters half way and place in the brewer; with a press of the start button the beverages will start to brew. After the coffee and tea machine is done you will need to empty both filters in the trash and repeat this step until you have completely filled each pot.

2. At the end of the night the salt and pepper shakers are removed from the tables to prevent them from being taken; placing these back on all of the tables is required before the first customers arrive. Each salt and pepper shaker is to be cleaned of with a wet towel and placed in the middle of all the 75 tables. When doing this it is wise to wash the tables down at the same time to save you from doing it when you are finished.

3. Smoking is allowed throughout the bar but it is recommended that customers ash in the ashtrays which also have to be placed in the center of all the tables. Each ashtray is to be cleaned and dried before they are taken to the tables.

4. When entering the bar you will notice a big, black chalkboard to the left of the entrance; this board is used to inform the guest of the daily lunch and drink specials, and also informs the guest of the upcoming entertainment in the bar. Since each day the lunch specials vary it is necessary that the board be rewritten each morning. On the back of the menus it lists the food special for the day and also the price of that meal. When finished updating the chalkboard, you must replace it at the entrance of the bar.

5. The bar opens its? doors at 11:00 a.m., but customer usually enter around noon, that allows the servers to roll silverware and place them in the designated bucket at the server?s stand. The silverware is located in the back dish room and can be rolled at the server?s stand.

6. Finally, around noon it is time to begin making popcorn. The popcorn machine requires two cups of butter and four cups of popcorn kernels. It usually takes fifteen to twenty minutes for the popcorn to be finished; empty out the popper will prevent the corn from burning. This popcorn you have just made is free to the public and customers may help themselves.

Now that you are aware of the duties as the ?opening server,? you too could become an Amerisports Bar Star!

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