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Julius Caesar News Article Essay, Research Paper

Caesar has Ceased

Yesterday a tragedy occurred. The great ruler Julius Caesar is

dead. It was said that the Senate, led by Brutus and Cassius stabbed

Caesar to death upon his entrance into the Senate. They acted upon

this according to the Roman Law which says “Anyone who plotted to

become king could be killed without trial.” The Senate claimed that

this was their reason for their actions.

Caesar was born into an aristocratic family in 100. Later on in

his life, he became allies with Pompey(a general) and Crassus(a

dictator). In 59, he was elected consul. Caesar and his two allies ruled

as a triumvirate. Also in 59, Caesar conquered the Celts and brought

them under Roman rule. He also fought the Germanic tribes and

invaded Britain twice. The lower classes looked at him as a hero and

senators saw him as a political threat.

In 50, the triumvirate fell apart because Crassus was killed in a

battle in Asia and Pompey became a rival. Then, in 49, by Pompey

and Senate?s orders, Julius Caesar was ordered to give up the army

and return to Rome. He refused to give in to his enemies and

assembled 5,000 loyal troops and led them across the Rubicon.

Rubicon is a stream that divided military provinces from Roman Italy.

By not listening to Senate, Caesar knew a war was going to happen.

Caesar triumphed over all of Italy and forced out Pompey and

his Allies. The war continued to move eastward. The war ended in 48,

when Caesar?s troops beat Pompey in Pharsalus, Greece. He then took

absolute power over the government. He granted Roman citizenship

to people outside Italy provinces, created social reforms to benefit the

poor, and provided jobs for the unemployed. Public works programs

were set up and slave owners were ordered to hire free laborers.

Colonies were formed to provide land for the poor. Caesar invented a

new calendar which was named in honor of him. It was called Julian in

western Europe.

Caesar had made many Roman laws while he was dictator. One

of which read: ?Anyone who plotted to become king could be killed

without trial?.. A group of senators, led by Brutus and Cassius acted

upon this law. They stabbed Caesar to death while entering the


After his death, 18 year old Octavian joined with Marc Antony

and Marcus Lepidus to form a second triumvirate. They defeated

Caesar?s assassins in 42. They then divided the Roman empire

between the three of them. Octavian took Italy and the west, Antony

took Greece and the east, and Lepidus took North Africa. Octavian

forced Lepidus to retire, and Antony moved on to marry the queen to

Egypt, Cleopatra. Octavian persuaded that Antony planned to rule

with the foreign queen by his side. He then declared war on Antony in

Rome?s name. As a result of this, Antony and Cleopatra committed

suicide in Egypt. Octavian then took over and started the Roman


The world is greatly saddened by this tragedy. Julius Caesar was

a great man and his memory will live on forever. This day, March 15,

44 B.C., will be remembered for years to come. All his achievements

have greatly impacted our society. I believe they will in the years to

come as well.

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