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A Mid Summer Nights Dream Essay, Research Paper

A Mid Summer Nights Dream

True love never runs a smooth coarse. And this is quit evident in a Mid Summer Night?s dream. The young love of two people is far more powerful than one thinks. And at the end true love will prevail no matter what gets in the way.

Hermia and Lysander are the two lovers where nothing goes their way. Their love is so strong that nothing shall get in the way of true love. Hermia is faced with a decision to marry Demetrius, the man she doesn?t love, or be faced with death. The father of Hermia is the one setting up the marriage between the two. There love is so strong that they will let nothing stop them, so they run away together into the woods. This truly is a sign of true love. And that the coarse of true love never did run smooth. These two young lovers are willing to risk everything for love. The we have Helena, the sort of crazy girl will stop at nothing to win the heart of Demetrius. Even if it means hurting the others around her. The only problem is that Demetrius is supposed to marry Hermia. And this starts the endless struggle of love. So off into the woods Lysander and Hermia, but Helena tricks Demetrius into going to the woods to hoping he would see Hermia and Lysander together, then Demetrius would want Helena. The only thing that Helena didn?t know that it would make him mad when he saw them together.

Now if there hasn?t been enough trouble among the young lovers; Oberon the fairy king decides to do something about the trouble. The only problem is that appoints his sidekick, if you call him, Puck to help out. Now Oberon knows the trouble between the young lovers so he calls on Puck to retrieve this love poison. And when that poison is put into the eyes of someone, they will fall in love with the first person they see when they awake. So this even makes everything else more complicated. Puck messes up and puts the poison in the wrong eyes. He was suppose to put it in the eyes of Demetrius, but he puts it in the eyes of Lysander. And guess what happens, Helena is the first person Lysander sees. So now everything is crazy. Lysander has already given his love to Hermia, but now he tells her he hates her. This proves even more that the coarse of true love does not run smooth. Obviously nothing has run smooth for Hermia and Lysander. Who wish nothing more than to show there true love for each other. So now at the end, all is well. Helena gets Demetrius, and Hermia and Lysander are permitted to get married. Even through the worst of conditions or consequences true love will prevail. True love never dies, if it does it was never true love.

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