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Kidnapped Essay, Research Paper

Kidnapped, by Robert Louis Stevenson has a genre that classifies as historical fiction. I selected this book because the setting takes place during the 1750 s, which is a perfect time for history. At that year many historic events occurred that have been written down in books today. Such as, The French and Indian War. Since the setting is in Scotland, the way the writing in the book is is quite hard.

The setting not only takes place in Scotland, but also through a voyage in a boat, as well as on islands. The year is 1751, in those days many people traveled by sea. Which is a major transportation use within this book. The setting is important to the plot, because most of the actions that ensue are either not possible today, or are unlikely to happen. For example, when David and Alan are being attacked, they must go through a system of charging their gun. That takes a long time. Today the guns are automatic; which enhances the speed of reloading by far. Today it would be extremely unlikely to see a person using the same sort of gun as they used.

David Balfour, a poor Scotsman who lived all his life in a place called Essendean. He has never been out of there. Having both his parents die was truly a tragedy. Only now has the minister of the town (Mr. Campbell, who was friends with David s father) told David that his father left him a will. The will stated, To the hands of Ebenezer Balfour, Esq., of Shaws, in his house of Shaws, these will e delivered by my son, David Balfour. David was to travel to another town, and seek a place called The House Of Shaws. David then finds out that the man living in the gruesome house (where he thought was a palace before he laid his eyes on it) was actually his uncle. His name was Ebenezer, and one of the odd things about him is that he didn t allow candles or lanterns in the house. Therefore it was hard to see at night. At first he didn t trust David at all, he would never leave him alone in the house for one second. David and Ebenezer both left to an inn near the docks. There, David was to see a lawyer so he may get the inheritance. As for Ebenezer he had an appointment with a captain of a ship called Mr. Hoseason. Mr. Hoseason kidnapped David with the consent of Ebenezer, for he did not want the boy to be around. David was forced to serve the captain and his crew. One night on the ship the mistakenly ran over a small boat. Only one man survived. His name was Alan, and he was dressed in the finest of clothing. They quickly cared for him, and gave him food to eat. The captain of the ship told David to go in (where he was eating) and secretly take weapons (for that is where they stored them.) David told Alan that the ship s crew was planning to kill him. Alan and David sided together, they charged all the guns and waited while almost each crewmember entered the room, and was killed. At the end there were only a few left alive, including the captain. They made a truce with each other, and the captain decided to take Alan back, so he may go to the highlands. The captain was originally heading for the Carolinas to send David to become a slave. When they reached their destination a certain member of the family Campbell was murdered. Suspicion rose that Alan killed him, for the Campbell s were family enemies, and Alan always talked on how he would kill them. When they got out of that situation, David went and saw the lawyer. They talked for a long time, and decided to trick Ebenezer into confessing that he sent David to a slave. They got Alan, whom Ebenezer never heard of. Alan told him a fake story that his friends has his nephew, and are holding him for ransom. They kept on talking until Alan made Ebenezer say that he had sent David to the ship so he may be a salve in the fields of Carolinas. The lawyer, David, and the lawyers companion Turrence were witnesses, to his confession. All David had to do know was to go to the bank.

David ended with his ancestors land. He inherited two thirds of the family s property. The one third went to his uncle. They were the only two left on the bloodline. This book takes a while to read. One of the hardships about it is that it is written in Scottish form. All together the book was exciting, and a person learns a great amount of vocabulary.

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