Реферат: Canadian Immigration Essay Research Paper

Canadian Immigration Essay, Research Paper

For a long time Canada has been a multi cultural country, and because of this, ourcitizens are more socially and globally aware of what s going on around them. Canada sImmigration Act and system helps our country be more culturally diverse, it increases economicgrowth, and it makes Canada a safer place to be. First of all, Canada s Immigration System helps our country be more culturally diverse.The Immigration Act restricts any sort of discrimination according to race, sex or religiontherefore allowing various people into the country. If we only let certain people into ourcommunity it would first of all be morally wrong and also, it make our country not asinteresting. That is why there are strict regulations that immigration officers have to abide by.Also, the government of Canada encourages Francophobe Immigration due to the drop in theQuebec birth rate and the decline in the French-speaking immigrants. This helps keep the frenchlanguage alive in Canada. Secondly, the Immigration System increases economic growth. Many valuableentrepreneurs are immigrants and their establishment into our community will help build oureconomy. That is why the Immigration point system is waived in the case of entrepreneurs whichmakes it easier for them to enter the country.

Additionally, allowance of Immigrants into the country automatically increases our economy sgrowth. Obviously more people equals more producers and consumers. For example, take a largecity like Ottawa. There are hundreds of stores of different genre that have been started and arethriving to date. These stores are usually very popular because they bring something out of theordinary into the consumers home. That is why the system favors potential investors andbusinessmen when trying to apply for citizenship into our country. Another point is that the Immigration System makes Canada a safer place to live in. Theselection criteria prevents people with a criminal background to enter the country. Not allowingdangerous immigrants to enter the country makes Canadian citizens feel protected. TheImmigration Act called for any Immigrant to go through an examination which decreases thechances of a potentially threatening immigrant to enter the country. Many dangerous peoplewithout a criminal record may be likely to commit a crime while settled in Canada. Hence, theAct requires for all immigrants to go through an examination. In conclusion, the Canadian Immigration system today really works. It is the key tokeeping our country a quickly growing, multi cultural and safe place to live in.

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