Реферат: Another Look At Life Essay Research Paper

Another Look At Life Essay, Research Paper

In an interview once, Robert Frost said, ?A life left unexamined is not worth living.? When performing a marriage ceremony of two people which help others examine their lives, it brings to focus why we are here. We are here this evening to confirm and ratify a process that perhaps began many years ago. I first met David and Karen when I was eighteen. They were perhaps both twenty. They had classes together and we socialized together. If someone would have told me then, ?hey Ralph in 22 years you will be performing a marriage ceremony for these two.? I?m not sure what my disbelieving response would have been. The same thing is probably true for them. Who would have guessed that their paths would cross again? Who would have guessed of a marriage in Port Isabel? But it is our reality today. It is a chosen reality. The Apostle Paul reminds us in this scripture that we are God?s chosen ones. Chosen, not because of what we did, but what Christ did for us. If we accept the love of Christ? that free gift of grace? we accept this passage as wise words to live by. We are to clothe ourselves, cover ourselves, examine our lives and live with compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience. Sounds like a good formula for a godly marriage, doesn?t it? We are also reminded to forgive one another and love another always. David and Karen come together tonight to pledge their love to each other and commit to being the helpmate for the other for the rest of their lives. We are reminded that left alone, it is a weighty responsibility that sometimes we fail at. Sometimes marriage is not as easy as it should be? especially when we have blended families and demanding lifestyles. We need a savior that sees beyond our own human limitations and calls us together. David and Karen are here at this junction of their road in life because God has called them to be here at this time. And, God will lead you two always, if you sim

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