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China 5 Essay, Research Paper

Commentary on China

The press in China has come a long way since the CCP took over the Chinese government in 1949 and it will continue to expand it’s freedom as we go into the 21st century. They were denied the right of freedom of speech and freedom of the press for all those years, that now the Chinese people have a hunger for information and knowledge of other countries culture and industrialization. They may have had a little set back in 1989 when the Tiananmen Square demonstration broke out but they soon came back full fleshed and continued with the search and growth of liberalization and diversity in the press.

The Chinese government I think wants their people to explore new ideas and new cultures but in their own terms. But with time I believe they have become more willing to let their people experienced the impact that media may have on them and think that Deng Xiaoping helped these doors to be opened to the Chinese people. The Chinese people now have, pretty much the same access to television and radio as we here in America do and the increase in media outlets has made the Chinese people more aware of what is going in their surrounding countries and in the west. This is good I believe for this country because they don’t have their communist government manipulating what they see or hear one hundred percent of the time. They now know that there is more out the than the communist ideas that have been implemented on them for decades.

The Chinese can now question their government and their judicial system because they have now been exposed to the way those systems are in other places of the world. This though has led to the media investigating corruption within the government and other agencies in China. This a is a great leap forward for the Chinese people because this allows them to almost have some sense of an input of what goes on in their respective cities. One thing I found rather interesting was in a section of the reading it said “Chinese are fascinated that American police as soon as they arrest suspects, inform them that they have the right to remain silent and the right to a lawyer.” This shows that they want to take the western ideas and put them into practice in their own system so that they to may have the same human-rights as the west does and other countries.

They increase in television sets, radio; cable T.V., increase of books, magazines and journals is great thing as well. I think everyone in the world has the right to be given all the information that is in access and then form there own opinions of what they believe and where they stand as far as politics or anything else. The Chinese now have entertainment, which has become a big part of their lives and will probably increase their sense of humor and bring them closer to other societies.

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