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Character Analysis Of Phillip Essay, Research Paper

Character Analysis of Phillip

In Key Exchange, by Kevin Wade, the two main characters are Lisa and Phillip. I portrayed the role of Phillip in scene four in class. Phillip is an attractive, athletic, and relatively young gentleman. His hobby is bicycle riding, taking it to the extreme by dressing in ridiculous cycling clothing and even fantasizing about becoming a professional bicycler in France. He says that in France, people respect professional bicycle riders. When asked if he had ever been there to experience this, he replies that he has not, but he is sure that how he described France is definitely how it is. Phillip s visualization of France demonstrates part of his imaginative ability to make up long lurid stories.

When it comes to relationships, Phillip is very commitment phobic. He loves Lisa, but when she pushes a serious relationship Phillip weasels away and spouts out a long and detailed story about how things could possibly turn out for the worst. Lisa realizes this, but puts up with it because she loves him as well. Phillip knows that Lisa is in love with him, and uses this to his advantage.

Much of the play is takes place outside in an area where bicycles could be ridden, usually in the afternoon. The other setting, that is much of the time, is Lisa s home. The main scene at Lisa s is in the morning. That is, scene four. This is where the bulk of the argument comes about, and where Phillip does his weaseling. The entire play occurs over a summer s time, from June 17 to August 7.

Much of the plot has already been revealed with the description of Phillip. Lisa and Phillip are lovers in a heavily physical relationship. Lisa wants more, yet does not tell Phillip until four months into their relationship. When she does tell Phillip, he makes up an excuse for not taking the relationship to an exclusive level. She immediately becomes irate, explaining to him that she cannot have a loose relationship anymore. He sees his error after a long conversation and realizes that he loves her back. Unfortunately, by the time he comes to his senses and professes his love, Lisa is fed up. She wants nothing to do with Phillip at this point. And this is the conclusion of the play. To recap, Phillip and Lisa are in love. Through Phillip s diversionary tactics, they completely miss the right time to further their relationship, which concludes the play in a heartbroken Phillip and an unsatisfied Lisa, who is planning to move on to find another.

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