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About Honesy In A Relationship Essay, Research Paper

About Honesty in Relationships

Most people would agree that honesty is a moral value and very important in many aspects of life, especially in relationships between people. Without honesty most of the relationships, such as friendships, love -, family – or business-relationships, wouldn t work in the first place. There are many reasons why honesty is such an important issue.

Let s take a young couple in love as an example. The girl has a secret, she used to go out with a drug addict that possibly has aids and she might be infected as well. This is an extreme example, however it shows how honesty can be crucially important. She brought her own and her boyfriend s life in danger, by failing to be honest. In most cases, people automatically trust each other and they rely on the belief that the other person is telling the truth, and they don t suspect dishonesty until given a reason. By being dishonest in a relationship, the trust is destroyed and it becomes very hard to continue such a relationship.

Keeping a promise is an extension of honesty. In a love relationship, as well as in business one keeping a promise bounds the individuals and keeps the relationship up, whereby failing to do so, can crush and destroy the relationships. For example, if one person borrows money from another, no matter what the amount, the person who is giving the money trusts the other person s integrity under assumption based on a promise, that he or she will eventually get that money back. In case that doesn t happen, and there is no good reason besides the fact that the borrower was dishonest by giving his or her promise, the relationship will suffer.

Honesty does not only include telling the truth, but also, being clear when doing so. There are people who purposely leave room to wrong assumptions and for misunderstanding when telling the truth, which is as bad as lying. When two people are having a conservation about a certain subject, it is important that they don t mislead the other person to wrong beliefs, by turning the truth around, failing to mention some important facts or making the unimportant ones sound big. If they do so, and the other person finds out about it, it can be assumed that another conversation will not find place again.

Honesty is a moral value, and even the Ten Commands forbid lying and cheating, which only shows the huge importance of it. Every language is based on telling the truth. People could not communicate if they wouldn t

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