Реферат: Stress As Adult Learners Essay Research Paper

Stress As Adult Learners Essay, Research Paper

Webster defines stress as a physical, chemical, or emotional factor (as trauma, histamine, or fear) to which an individual fails to make a satisfactory adaptation, and which causes physiologic tensions that may be a contributory cause of disease. Stress management is a universal dilemma confronting the adult learner. Through research on Knowledge Navigators web site and group discussion we formed the following interpretation of stress, the culmination of responsibilities that cause adverse effects on the body, both physically and emotionally. We will present various types of stress, as well as the effects and ways to prevent this inhibitor. One of the first types of stress we may face is burnout, often striking the bright, dedicated, hardworking individual. When lifestyle changes occur, a mental and physical adaptation must take place. Commitment overload is when you exceed your physical and emotional limits. Some physical signs will take longer to show themselves. The quickest manifestation is fatigue, followed by heartburn, headaches, and difficulty sleeping. There are additional physical signs resulting from years of stress building up, ultimately coming out in the areas of nightmares, hyperactivity, asthma, skin disorders/rashes, and even cancer. Our bodies are wonderfully and complexly made so that they clue us in to these signs. We need to observe the natural warnings our bodies give. Emotional signs of stress will vary from simple fear and depression to a total breakdown.

Adult learners need to establish reasonable expectations by developing schedules and using effective time management. Although we face various forms of stress, it is essential to allow periods of family focus and personal restoration. By identifying the emotional imbalances, we can change our perception of the negativism associated with stress. If you are still overwhelmed it might be advantageous to seek help from outside sources. Lou Whitworth states to accept the finality and non-negotiability of the twenty-four hour day will help us avoid overload and excessive stress. By developing healthy patterns, we can eliminate recurring stress as adult learners. We believe that understanding the types and causes of stress, and applying the appropriate measures to alleviate the physical manifestation will enable us to excel as students.

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