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Getting Ready For Prom Essay, Research Paper

Getting Ready for Prom

Getting ready for a prom can be a very lengthy and costly experience. It may seem very simple, but when it comes down to it, it?s not. The best way to keep everything organized is to plan weeks ahead. One must plan everything in advance in order to make ones night perfect.

A date is the first thing to worry about. A happy date who enjoys dressing up, dancing, and taking pictures will make ones night excellent. Finding a date also comes with choosing which friends to sit at a table with and which friends with whom are going in the limousine. This can be very hard but there are only a certain amount of spots for everyone. It is hard to pick and choose which friends but it usually works out.

Accessorizing for a prom can also be difficult. Every girl wants the perfect dress and every guy wants a fashionable tuxedo. This is usually what takes the most effort. Planning ones outfit ahead of time is a definite must. One doesn?t want to be looking for a dress on the day of the prom. Guys need to order their tux well ahead of time so they really do not have much of a choice to wait until the last minute. If girls choose to get their hair, nails, or make-up done then they need to make sure that they make an appointment before the salon gets booked up. Couples also need to order their limousines or other forms of transportation, along with their corsage or boutonniere.

The day of the prom is always the most hectic. That is when one needs to make sure they didn?t forget to do anything and that they are ready. One needs to pick-up their dress or tuxedo, corsage or boutonniere, and anything else needed for the big night. Girls need to go to their appointments while worrying if they look their best. Something that people often forget to do is to buy a camera and film. This is a necessary factor if one chooses to remember their big night with a picture.

One can see that prom night is a very stressful, lengthy, and costly experience. The worst thing to do is to not plan ahead, and wait until the last minute. That can only lead to disaster. Careful planning can turn into a wonderful night. The prom is something one will remember for the rest on one?s life. The main goal is to make this memory a good one.

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